QA Strategy

How to run an effective quality assurance process.

Software Regression Testing Guide: Definitions, Tools and FAQs
This guide to software regression testing answers the top FAQs about software regression testing.
QA Testing Tools in 2022: How to Know What’s Right for You
Learn how to differentiate between various QA testing tools, how to decide which ones you need, and 30+ options to consider.
Web Application Testing: Getting Started with Functional Testing
In this post, we'll cover the most common types of web application testing, which ones to prioritize, and tools to use.
You Only Need These 5 QA Metrics to Improve Software Testing
Many quality assurance metrics evaluate QA activities rather than results. These are the 5 most helpful QA metrics.
Agile Regression Testing: How to Do It Well
Learn the basics of agile regression testing and five strategies to streamline your software testing process.
How to Write a Test Plan: Free Template and a 6 Step Guide
Learn how to write a software test plan. Get started with our practical guide and free template.
Asking Developers to Do QA Is Broken. Here’s Why We Built a Product to Let Anyone Own QA.
Conventional approaches to QA are broken. Here's a better way.
The Layers of Testing Architecture
The landscape of software testing is changing. Speed and quality are no longer seen as opposing forces.
Building a Culture of Quality in Engineering
We teamed up with Invotra to explore the strategy behind building a culture of quality. In this post, we share the 3 key pillars to building a culture of quality.
3 Key Areas The Best QA Teams Focus On
We polled 250+ QA professionals and found that highly confident teams invest in 3 key areas: QA strategy, QA metrics, and giving their team agency.
15 QA Conferences to Attend in 2019
If you’re looking to level up your career, redefine your testing strategy, or looking to network heading to one of these QA conferences can be a great way to kickstart your goals.
3 QA Trends in 2019 That Will Change the Way We Test
The World Quality Report compiles insights from QA leaders on evolving landscape of modern testing. Here are 3 QA trends that will change we test in 2019.
What Is Agile QA Testing?
Agile testing is a software practice designed to apply the principles of agile software development to the QA testing process. Learn more.
The Top 5 Don'ts of Software Testing
Over time, the QA industry has developed many great processes and best practices that drive software and business success. But some practices are outdated, while others have negatively impacted product success. In this post, we share the Top 5 Don’ts of Software Testing.
The 6 Essential QA Blogs to Read in 2019
2019 is fast approaching, whether you’re looking to level up your QA process or your QA career in the new year, these 6 blogs are a great place to start.
Halloween Spooky Special: 3 Software Quality Horror Stories
In a world that runs on software, few things are scarier for a business than software breaking in the hands of their customers. In this blog post, we tell the tale of 3 software quality horror stories.
What To Do When QA Bottlenecks Hinder Deployment Velocity
In this post we explore how to identify and approach breaking the QA bottleneck to ensure that your testing process doesn’t slow down your release cadence.
What Is Black Box Testing?
Black box testing is a form of software testing during which the functionality of an application is tested without looking at the code or internal structure. Any test which examines the interface of the application is considered black box testing.
How to Scale QA without Scaling Your QA Team
Doing QA well is tough, even for innovative teams. Scaling good QA is even tougher. Learn how to scale your QA strategy without scaling your QA team.
Where Does QA Fit in a Software Development Life Cycle?
The entire software development life cycle opens up many vulnerable areas for problems to occur, which is why it’s important to know where QA fits into the development workflows.
How to Align a QA Strategy with Business Goals
Learn how your organization can align its existing business goals with its QA strategy & how to create a quality mindset for long-term QA success.
What Is Test-Driven Development?
In this post we answer the most common Test-Driven Development (TDD) questions, such as “What is Test Driven-Development?” “How does Test-Driven Development work?” and “What are the advantages and disadvantages to Test-Driven Development?”
3 Ways to Improve your QA Strategy
Companies don’t survive in the software industry without innovation, speed, and agility, and teams too-often forget about software quality when they’re working hard to speed up the delivery of innovative software. In this post, you will learn 3 steps to power up your QA strategy.
What your Team can Learn From IKEA's Quality Processes
In this post we explore 3 ways that IKEA ensures product quality, and how software testing teams can apply those practices to their own QA process. Applying IKEA’s methodologies to your development workflow may be more beneficial than you’d expect.
Data Science Digest: Source Code Metrics That Matter
Data Scientists have spent decades researching ways to better understand what's "good" code and what isn't. In this post, you'll learn about source code metrics that matter, how to use them, and where the research is headed with Data Science and Machine Learning.
QA Strategy for Digital Marketing Teams
When we think of Quality Assurance we typically think of Product and Engineering, but Digital Marketing teams own quality too. In this post, you will learn how incorporating a QA strategy into your digital marketing strategy leads to success.
4 Common Pitfalls When Scaling Agile QA
Rainforest’s CIO, Derek Choy, and Sr. Professional Services Consultant, Jeff Pineda, recently discussed common pitfalls growing teams experience as they scale their agile QA processes. In this post we share the 4 most common pitfalls and how they can be avoided.
8 Keys to QA Process Optimization
Today we’re introducing the Continuous Testing Manifesto eBook, which outlines the key characteristics that a QA strategy must include to keep up with the pace of faster delivery cycles. Learn how to apply continuous testing to your development workflow.
Defect Clustering - What is it?
In this post we explore how to keep clusters of defects from bringing down your quality, and learn about a real-world fix for defect clustering with Bleacher Report’s Senior Automation Engineer Quentin Thomas. We also cover what is defect clustering and some key indicators you should look out for.
How to Build a QA Strategy Like Spotify
Spotify is a great example of how to scale development and QA practices successfully. Since their launch in 2008, Spotify has grown from 150 employees to 2000+. Learn how they built a QA team and strategy that scales as the company continues to grow.
Agile QA at Scale: What Successful Enterprise QA Teams Have in Common
There’s no one-size-fits-all QA strategy that will work for every team. But there are a few key traits that successful QA teams have in common. Find out what your team can learn from how Facebook, Google, and other enterprise teams approach to agile QA.
How to Find Bugs Before Your Customers Do
In our recent webinar, The True Cost of Shipping Software Defects: Find Bugs Before Your Customers Do, Rainforest front-end engineer AJ Funk and product operations associate Cameron Sheya discussed how and why teams should start building a strategy to stop bugs before they hit production.
Qualities to Look for in a First QA Hire
As teams look to build lean, highly-effective development teams, they often ask who they should bring onto the team as their first QA hire. This role is critical, and will help determine how quality scales as the product and team grow. Discover the qualities you should look for in your first QA hire.
Using Feature-Driven Testing for More Strategic Test Coverage
Anyone who has built out a suite of QA tests knows that your database of test cases can get bloated fast. By shifting testing focus from total coverage to strategic feature-driven testing, teams can drive more effective, impactful QA processes.
3 Key Takeaways from QA without a QA Team Webinar
For some organizations (including Rainforest), opting out of building a QA team is an option that’s been growing in popularity. But how do you do QA and keep quality high, if there’s no QA team?
Six Essential QA Metrics to Measure Product Quality
An effective QA strategy is a measured one. Finding the right QA metrics to measure product quality and team efficiency provide critical insights into your software testing process. Learn our top 6 QA metrics to track for product quality.
Who Should Your First QA Hire Be?
Every company reaches a point where quality becomes a focal point -- and for some organizations, that means it’s time to make their first dedicated QA hire. But when budgets are tight and every hire counts, finding someone who can level up your testing strategy and accelerate your quality goals is key.
What You Can Learn from How Google Tests Software
We dove into the archives of the Google Testing Blog to discover how other growing teams can learn from how Google approaches software testing.
6 Ways to Streamline Your QA Process
A new year likely means new goals, whether you want to ship features faster, boost quality or scale your team. Learn 5 ways you can streamline your QA with continuous testing.
Who Should Be Part of Your QA Team? Getting Creative to Build a Culture of Quality
In this post QA experts discuss how leveraging non-traditional resources and roles for their QA process helps build a more effective testing process and culture of quality.
What Westworld Teaches Us About QA
Software development and QA practices are at the heart of the show Westworld. Check out the five lessons real QA teams can learn from the programming team at Delos, Inc.
9 Essential Blogs Every QA Team Should Read in 2018
Are you making testing resolutions for 2018? Check out 9 of our favorite QA blogs and resources for staying up to date with the latest QA and software testing news.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Revamping Your QA Strategy
Is 2018 going to be the year you take control of your QA strategy? In this post you’ll learn some of the do’s and don’ts of revamping your QA strategies from QA experts.
AWS re:invent 2017 Recap: Testing & Troubleshooting with AWS Device Farm [video]
Rainforest CTO, Russ Smith, discussed testing and troubleshooting mobile application with AWS Device Farm at AWS re:Invent this year.. Watch the full video here.
Key Metrics to Help You Track Your QA Success
The long-term success of any QA strategy depends on measuring change and communicating that change to the team at large, so it’s important to measure the right QA metrics.
The Key to eCommerce Testing Success & Better UX
eCommerce websites cannot afford to have bad UX, especially during peaks in site traffic. This post includes best practices of eCommerce QA testing & the top 5 test cases.
Use Data to Rightsize Your QA Approach & Maximize Testing Efficiency
A third of all organizations struggle with inefficient testing strategies, which increases QA spend and creates longer testing cycles. So why not rightsize your QA?
How to Predict & Reduce Test Execution Time
Do you know what would a “normal” test execution run look like? Learn how you can predict and reduce your test execution times and accelerate your development cycles.
Why QA Belongs in Your Dev Team’s Slack Channels
It’s time to bring QA into the tools that your team uses to communicate every day. With a wide range of developer tool integrations, here are just a few reasons why you should consider making Slack a part of your QA process, too.
Scale Mobile QA By Rethinking How Mobile Testing Happens
In this excerpt from our new guide on Scaling Mobile QA, we share three key moves that fast-moving teams can make to successfully scale up their mobile testing strategy to keep their bar for quality high.
Beyond Unit Tests: Why You Should “Shift Left” for Functional Testing
Learn how two organizations adopted a shift left strategy for functional testing to help them develop and ship features faster with minimal risk of bugs in production.
QA Testers: Version Control Isn’t Just for Dev Teams Anymore
Using version control for development teams is a well-established best practice. However, most QA teams don’t utilize it and can benefit from it too.
Why Diversity Builds Better Products
Organizational diversity isn't just about building a more diverse team; here's diversity helps teams build better products, make better business decisions and increase customer satisfaction.
“The Mythical Man-Month”: 5 Software Testing Lessons from 1975 That Are Still True for Agile QA
From the persistence of bugs to the fallacy of throwing people at problems, here are 5 key software testing lessons from Fred Brooks' classic book, "The Mythical Man-Month."
Scaling QA Test Coverage for Consumer Applications
In this post, we’ll dive into how teams can scale QA coverage for consumer apps to keep their testing processes fast and effective.
Testing Outsourced Development Work with Rainforest
For companies using outsourced development work to build software, quality is still key. Leveraging Rainforest helps teams build better software faster -- even if they aren’t the ones building it themselves.
Real World Devices? Real Disaster for Mobile Testing
Real world device testing is often touted as a good thing for mobile testing, and in some limited circumstances it might be. However, in the vast majority of cases, it's a waste of time – both for your testers and team.
3 Things We Learned about Mobile App Testing during the “Building Cloud-Based Mobile Testing with Real Mobile Devices” Webinar
Here are three things we learned about mobile app testing during our webinar feat. AWS Device Farm product manager Trent Peterson.
Speeding Up Mobile Testing with Better Workflows
Testing mobile applications is often often a slow, disjointed process. Here's how crowdsourced testing can update lagging testing practices and make mobile QA more efficient.
What Is Usability Testing?
Usability testing is a method of testing that evaluates how easy it is for users to interact with the product.
4 Methods for Mobile App Testing that Emulate Real-World Use Cases
To ensure that your mobile app testing is up to par, here are 4 methods for mobile app testing that ensure that your app can handle anything that real-world users throw at it.
Device Fragmentation and Crowdsourced Mobile QA Testing
Crowdsourcing provide your team with access to a more diverse set of devices and browsers, without having to maintain a large set of physical devices in-house, giving your team better test coverage.
What Is Regression Testing?
Regression testing is a type of functional testing that checks for issues that are introduced by new additions or updates to the codebase.
What Is Functional Testing?
Functional testing focuses on testing the interface of the application to ensure that all user requirements for a properly working application are met.
4 Steps to Building Your Essential Functional Test Case Checklist
Here are the first few steps you’ll need to take if you’re ready to start developing your core functional test case checklist.
How to Write Better QA Tests
Today, we're sharing our approach to test writing and how you can use it to get better results from your QA tests.Crafting well-written test cases is critical to getting reliable, fast results from your manual QA tests.
3 Edtech Challenges that Better QA Practices Can Help Solve
Here are three education issues from the guide that require top-notch quality assurance, and how to focus your edtech QA efforts to have the biggest impact.
The Definitive Pre-deployment QA Checklist
Here are the seven major types of QA testing that all software teams should have on their checklist by the time their product reaches maturity.
When hiring Testers, choose wisely
I'll try to avoid a "10 ways to make a great hire!" post. Instead, what follows are elements that help you make great testing hires. Mix and match as you please.
QA=Money+Time. So how much should you spend?
You need QA, but how much should you spend and on what? In the world of software there are two big types of risk: death by 10,000 papercuts and death by catastrophic failure.
Rolling your own cross browser test plan
Cross browser testing is a pain. It’s also, sadly, an essential part of test coverage. Fret not! There are easy ways to reduce the pain. Solving the issue requires access to site stats, and a few handy pieces of Tech.
What are Test Environments for?
In this post, we'll examine the importance of having multiple environments and how they can help you isolate your application and prevent accidentally damaging your production systems.
You should be doing Unit, Integration & QA Testing
Lets go over some of the types testing that can be done, when to use them and their benefits and downsides.
Is In-house QA is killing your business?
It's almost impossible to ship fast and frequently while maintaining quality with in-house QA, and this is hurting your business.
Extreme dogfooding
This blog post will explain how critical dogfooding was for the development of Rainforest and how we used it to decide when to launch our product.