QA Strategy for Digital Marketing Teams

When we think of quality assurance and teams who benefit from having a QA strategy, we typically think of product and engineering. But there are other digital quality owners too: Digital Marketing teams!

Digital marketing teams are responsible for a wide range of prospect and customer experiences that have an impact on business results, such as website optimization, content, email marketing, digital advertising and more. It is crucial for business goals that these experiences are high quality.

Digital Marketing Teams are Already Doing Quality Testing

Marketing teams with a digital strategy are already doing QA testing, whether they realize it or not.

Any time digital marketers set up a new campaign and test the user flow, or create a new piece of downloadable content and fill out the form to ensure it works, they are doing quality testing.

While this ad hoc approach is useful, it is not as effective as having a strategic approach to digital marketing QA.

How Having a QA Strategy Leads to Digital Marketing Success

A buggy website is too often a thorn in the side of digital marketing teams. By implementing a QA strategy, teams can prevent bugs before shipping site changes and kicking off campaigns.

Customers who had an unpleasant experience on your site are 88% less likely to return - Adobe
Having a proactive approach to digital quality leads to the following 3 areas of digital marketing success:

1. A QA Strategy Builds Trust and Reliability in Digital Marketing Initiatives

Not only does implementing a QA strategy lead to optimized digital marketing campaigns and lead data capturing success, increasing digital quality improves the brand experience prospects and customers have with your organization's brand.

Brand experience is all about the sensations, feelings, thoughts (and consequently behaviors), that prospects and customers have when they interact with your company. And it often starts with Digital Marketing.

Building confidence in the quality of your marketing website and trusting that campaigns are working optimally, creates a better brand experience while enabling your team to move faster and focus on digital strategy execution.

2. Being Strategic with Digital Quality Saves Time and Resources

When Digital Marketing teams are strategic with their quality testing and management, they save time and resources and drive positive business outcomes.

mindmodygreen deploys 2X faster after implementing a QA strategy
After implementing a quality strategy, health and wellness digital media brand mindbodygreen cut their time to deployment in half and eliminated their need to hire an in-house QA team.

By investing in a well-thought out QA strategy, Digital Marketing teams can get a higher ROI from their efforts.

3. Implementing a Digital Marketing QA Strategy gets Measurable Results

While not all businesses focus on creating software, they usually depend on a high-quality marketing website for business success. We will look to ecommerce companies as an example, where having a smooth, reliable, functioning checkout flow with zero downtime is undoubtedly crucial for business success.

For every second less an ecommerce site takes to load, shopping card abandonment decreases by 7%
Ask any skilled digital marketing manager and they will tell you that digital success is the ability to prove ROI on marketing initiatives. Implementing a quality strategy into your digital marketing strategy will help get you there.

How to Start Implementing a QA Strategy

Making quality a priority for your team's digital marketing strategy will build trust and reliability, save time and resources, and get measurable digital quality results.

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