AI-accelerated UI testing

Rainforests’s deep integration of AI accelerates your automated UI testing workflow, so you can
ship with velocity.

Unlike other AI models, Rainforest’s models are optimized
for QA and reliability using a patent-pending process.

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Just finished writing a whole test suite using Rainforest QA — really awesome product. Highly recommend.

Jonathan Adly

Jonathan Adly

Software Developer at GalenAI

Create test scripts fast

Anyone can quickly create automated test scripts using plain-English prompts like:

“Create a new user account”

“Fill out the demo form with dummy data”

“Verify a charge of $9 / user / month”

Generative AI

Avoid hours of test maintenance

Rainforest’s AI-powered features help you avoid false-positive test failures and time-consuming test maintenance.

Reliably-located app elements

Rainforest automatically uses several different identifiers to locate elements in your app. These include screenshots, DOM selectors, and AI-generated descriptions. A change in one won’t break your tests. Learn more

Self-healing test scripts

When you make intended changes to your app, Rainforest’s AI can automatically update — or “heal” — the relevant test steps, saving you the effort. All updates are fully transparent, and you have final control. Learn more

Better judgment via machine learning

If a visual change in your app is too small for a human tester to notice or care about, Rainforest will ignore it. (A strict matching mode is available.) Learn more

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Save hours of test maintenance preview video

Rainforest QA is seriously one of the coolest services I’ve seen lately.

Perry Raskin

Perry Raskin

Software Engineer at Coverdash

Optimized for QA and reliability

With a novel, patent-pending approach, we use over ten years
of manual testing data to make Rainforest’s AI more reliable
and better at end-to-end testing.

And we're constantly making improvements.


Rainforest takes deliberate steps to protect your data in all of our systems, including our AI systems. Learn more

OpenAI’s API

Rainforest uses OpenAI’s API, which is certified for SOC 2 Type 2. OpenAI:

Doesn’t use data sent to their API to train their models

Encrypts data at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+)

Uses strict access controls to limit access to data

Learn more about their privacy policies.

Rainforest's AI pipeline

We use a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pipeline
to improve OpenAI’s LLM models for QA.

No customer data is ever used verbatim — our systems abstract data into instructions for the AI agent. (E.g., “Most users in this situation fill an email address in the first field.”)

No data from Rainforest automated tests is included in
the pipeline.

Amazing product, able to do what we couldn't before! Being able to automate testing our website has been instrumental in building confidence before we go live.

Kris Sebesta

Kris Sebesta

Sr. Software Developer at Arlo

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