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QA Testing at the Speed of Development

Intelligent Crowdtesting for Agile Teams. Write test cases and get results on-demand in under 30 minutes.

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Why Rainforest?

Rainforest QA unleashes the full potential of fast-moving development teams. QA testing for fast paced teams. Code more and ship faster with the only AI-powered Crowdtest Platform built for agile testing and development. Rapidly execute high-quality regression, functional and exploratory testing for web and mobile apps.

Results within 30 Minutes

On-demand & Scalable

Machine Learning Verified Results

“Rainforest has increased our developers’ ability to get code out quickly because they’re more confident that it’s right.”
Tim Glenister, CTO, mindbodygreen
“Rainforest has become our functional QA department.”
Max Spankie, Software Engineer from ConsumerAffairs
“Rainforest lets us move faster by allowing us to keep more of our budget on feature development instead of feature verification.”
David Perdue, VP of Development TrendKite
“Before Rainforest, we were spending 50% of our time on bug fixing...We now only spend around 15% of our time fixing bugs.”
Mariya Nomanbhoy, VP of Product, Sighten
“Rainforest Exploratory allows us to find bugs quickly, deploy faster and ship code with more confidence.”
Brian Goodman, Product Manager, Poll Everywhere

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