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Now available
Rainforest on AWS Marketplace

Solve QA
for half the cost of hiring

Rainforest’s QA experts and all-in-one testing platform give you all the benefits (and then some) of hiring professional QAs – without the expense.

Talk to us about customizing a plan backed by our risk-free, money-back guarantee.

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What is Rainforest QA?

Rainforest combines managed and on-demand services from QA experts with the features of an all-in-one testing platform.

Managed and on-demand QA services

Whether you’re considering your first QA hire or your fifth, Rainforest’s quality assurance specialists can fill any of the gaps in your software QA coverage, including strategic planning, test automation, and manual testing.

An all-in-one testing platform

Rainforest includes all the tools you need for a robust QA program. Write no-code tests, run tests on machines in our cloud, debug results, and more, all from an intuitive, web-based interface.

Compare Rainforest to hiring

Rainforest gives you the equivalent of a “unicorn” QA who does it all – plus all the QA tooling you need – for much less than the cost of a full-time hire. 


QA Lead hire

QA Engineer hire

QA Tester hire


Works closely with your software team and gets deeply familiar with your apps

Strategy and process

Develops QA strategy, establishes best practices, and guides implementation of new processes




Creates and maintains automated tests



Manual testing

Performs both scripted manual tests and unscripted exploratory tests



Complete QA tooling 

No-code test automation, infrastructure for running tests, and insightful results




A money-back guarantee




Our 60-day money back guarantee

Hiring means onboarding, training, and managing. It’s an expensive waste of time and money if a hire doesn’t work out.

We want to make Rainforest the obvious, lower-risk option. If we fall short of your expectations in our first 60 days together, we’ll refund your money. 

Rainforest has everything you need for QA

Managed and on-demand services, plus an all-in-one testing platform.

QA strategy and management
Get a dedicated QA expert to help you with a strategy, project management, and best practices, and concierge-level support.
Create, maintain, and run tests and triage results with zero code.
Test automation
Anyone from your team can write and maintain automated tests using our proprietary, no-code framework. Or have your QA Concierge manage your test suite for you.
Organize tests into groups by feature or purpose (like smoke testing), schedule test runs, and prioritize and assign test failures.
Manual testing
We’ve developed a worldwide community of hundreds of experienced QA testers. They’re available on-demand, 24x7, to perform scripted testing of your apps.
Get notifications via email, Slack, or Teams. Send issues directly to JIRA. Learn more ›
Test writing
Your dedicated QA Concierge can handle 100% of writing and maintaining your automated and manual tests, so you don’t have to spend the time and resources.
Get notifications via email, Slack, or Teams. Send issues directly to JIRA. Learn more ›
Testing infrastructure
All tests are executed on our cloud of virtual machines running popular browsers and operating systems. Learn more
Run tests on our cloud of virtual machines, featuring multiple versions of MacOS, Windows, and popular browsers. Learn more ›
Parallel execution
On average, customers get automated test suite results in just 4 minutes and manual test suite results in just 20 minutes (the fastest in the industry).
Run up to 500 tests at the same time. Customers get results in less than four minutes, on average.
Detailed test results
Get repro steps, video recordings, HTTP logs, browser logs, and more debugging insights for every test run.
Get video recordings, HTTP logs, browser logs, and more debugging insights for every test run.
Exploratory testing
A group of experienced testers, dedicated to your account, performs unscripted testing to find bugs off the “happy path” and provide usability feedback.
Get notifications via email, Slack, or Teams. Send issues directly to JIRA. Learn more ›
Get test status notifications via email, Slack, or Teams, and send issues directly to JIRA. Learn more
Get notifications via email, Slack, or Teams. Send issues directly to JIRA. Learn more ›

Integrate Rainforest tests into any CI/CD pipeline

Use our API, CLI, or one of our direct integrations with popular CI tools.

Software Testing
Test Automation

“Innovative approach to QA that allowed us to get coverage in record time. Rainforest gives us the best of both worlds: we can get these results without having to hire a huge staff.”

James Kleinschnitz

James Kleinschnitz

CTO at Cireson

“It's transformed our testing process. We can focus on higher-value tasks and get faster and more reliable releases.”

Shawna Wing

Shawna Wing

Operations Lead at Newton.co

“Overall the service is amazing and there's nothing else out there that would do this for us. It's added a ton of stability to our development process and made it way less stressful to merge changes.”

Ian Jennings

Ian Jennings

Founder at Replayable

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