Insanely simple testing.

Create tests for your website in plain English, then run them across all major browsers with a single click. Powered by human intelligence.

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Why should I try Rainforest?

Blazing Fast.

Run a full test suite in all major browsers in around 30 minutes. Faster than automated testing. Light-years quicker than manual testing.

Too good to be true? Try it for yourself!

Dead Simple.

Rainforest is the easiest way to create and maintain great coverage of your app. There's no language to learn, so PMs and Designers can create and update tests along with Developers.

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Super Accurate.

Feel confident that when you push your changes live, nothing is broken and your business is safe. Don't let bugs hurt your bottom line, and don't waste valuable developer time on testing.

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Designed for Continuous Deployment.

We have plugins to integrate seamlessly into your existing deployment workflow. If you get a failure with Rainforest, we fail your build just like Rspec. We have a first class API.

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