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Hassle-free test automation for SaaS teams who want to ship fast

Automate your E2E tests without the time-consuming drudgery of test maintenance. Rainforest’s AI-powered, no-code testing platform and QA services help you ship with speed and confidence.

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60-day money-back guarantee

Growing SaaS startups use Rainforest to ship reliable code without QA bottlenecks

It's transformed our testing process. We can focus on higher-value tasks and get faster and more reliable releases.

Shawna Wing

Shawna Wing

Operations Lead at Newton.co

Release quality code at high velocity with AI-accelerated test automation

Generative AI

Create tests fast with generative AI

Rainforest is a web-based platform in which anyone can use AI to quickly create automated test scripts using plain-English prompts such as:

“Create a new user account”

“Fill out the demo form with dummy data”

“Verify a charge of $9 / user / month”


Save hours of test maintenance with self-healing AI

You’d normally have to update your tests every time your app changes — even if the changes are minor. With Rainforest, the AI automatically updates the relevant tests to reflect intended changes to your app. No time-consuming test maintenance required.

Any updates the Rainforest AI makes are fully transparent, and you have final control over your test suite.

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See how it works in less than 60 seconds

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AI tested. Human verified.

AI tested. Human verified.

With Rainforest, you can optionally get a Test Manager to take all test creation and maintenance off your team's busy hands.

Creates your automated tests

Maintains tests the AI doesn’t handle

Reviews test failures so you only see legit bugs

Deeply learns your app & priorities

Joins your comms tools (like Slack and Jira)

Works in your time zone

Speaks fluent English

Has 6+ years of experience

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The fact that our Test Manager is very specialized, very efficient, knows Rainforest incredibly well, and knows our product incredibly well means she can just focus on this one area and do an incredibly good job of it.

Robert Guillaume

Robert Guillaume

QA Manager at YNAB

Release at record speed. Without breaking stuff.

Release high-quality code without QA bottlenecks. Rainforest is built to help you move fast without sacrificing quality.

No more brittle tests to slow you down

You shouldn’t have to update your tests every time your app changes. That’s why Rainforest uses AI to update your tests automatically.

Quickly reproduce bugs

For any bug discovered, you’ll get a video replay, repro steps, browser logs, and HTTP logs. AI will even summarize why the test failed. So you can stop guessing and get straight to fixing.

Get test results in just ~4 minutes

The automation can run 100s of tests in parallel on our cloud-based infrastructure of virtual machines. No configuration required.

Move faster with Gen AI

You or your Test Manager can create and update tests in minutes using AI Assist to write and modify test scripts. It’s a no-code platform, so anyone can jump in to create a test quickly.

Rainforest has been a game-changer for our general quality initiative. In the last few months, it's saved our ass I don't even know how many times. It's exceeded my expectations.

Tyrone Erasmus

Tyrone Erasmus

Co-founder / CTO at Push Security

Test results so reliable, you’ll never have to double-check them. But you always can if you want to.

Stop embarrassing bugs from slipping through into production. Unlike outsourced QA, Rainforest gives you confidence that your tests are working properly.

No black boxes

Rainforest’s no-code, plain-English test scripts allow anyone on your team to quickly verify your tests are doing what you want them to.

QA experts prevent hallucinations

With Rainforest, you get a Test Manager with 6+ years of experience reviewing your results to ensure accuracy. No more false positives.

Test the actual user experience

Unlike solutions that only test code, Rainforest’s automation evaluates and interacts with the visual layer of your app’s UI, just like your users do. Test anything that appears on a Windows or macOS virtual machine — not just what appears in the browser.

Expand coverage with exploratory testing*

Have our experts run exploratory tests to catch functional and usability issues off the happy path where there’s less automation coverage.

*Add-on feature

Amazing product. Being able to automate testing our website has been instrumental in building confidence before we go live.

Kris Sebesta

Kris Sebesta

Senior Software Developer at Arlo

Permanently remove E2E test maintenance from your team’s to-do list

Your devs never have to maintain another E2E test. AI Assist handles a chunk of test maintenance, while your Test Manager takes care of the rest.

The only test failures you hear about are the ones pointing to bugs you actually want to fix. Your Test Manager reviews every failure to filter out any false positives.

That means your devs and product managers can stay focused on what matters: building a better product.

Integrate into your CI/CD pipeline and put your tests on autopilot

Catch bugs earlier. Use direct integrations or our API or CLI to integrate with your CI/CD. Get test status notifications via email, Slack, or Teams. And send bug tickets to Jira.

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How it works

QA without delay in 5 quick steps



Create your tests using simple prompts, or tell your Test Manager what coverage you need with a quick Slack, email, or video.


Tests run automatically via your CI/CD pipeline, on demand, or on a set schedule.

Self-healing AI

Rainforest AI Assist automatically updates tests to reflect changes in your app.


Your Test Manager reviews results to weed out false positives and sends you bugs you actually care about.


Your Test Manager handles any test maintenance the AI didn't cover, keeping your test suite up-to-date.

Guaranteed for 60 days: We hit your goals or you get your money back.

Before we make things official, we’ll agree on success criteria for your first 60 days with Rainforest. If we don’t meet your criteria within 60 days, request a refund from your Customer Success Manager and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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Rainforest has been very effective in giving us confidence throughout the entire process. We run it every time we release. Every single time.

Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Release Engineer at Tikit

Start getting test coverage in as little as one day

Our test automation works fast and so do we. Talk to us today to find out how quickly you can get test coverage.

Give me test coverage

Get everything you need for hassle-free automated test coverage

No-code test automation

You or your Test Manager can use simple AI prompts or our intuitive, no-code framework to quickly create automated tests.

Generative AI

Rainforest’s AI Assist detects when your app has changed and automatically updates your tests.

QA expertise

Get a dedicated QA expert to help you with strategy, best practices, and concierge-level support.

Test maintenance

Your dedicated Test Manager — accelerated by AI — handles 100% of keeping your automated tests up-to-date.

Testing infrastructure

All tests are executed on our cloud of virtual machines running popular browsers and operating systems. Learn more

Parallel execution

Run dozens or even 100s of tests at once. On average, customers get automated test suite results in just 4 minutes.

Detailed test results

Get AI-generated explanations of test failures, repro steps, video recordings, HTTP logs, browser logs, and more debugging insights.


Automate testing through your CI/CD. Get test status notifications via email, Slack, or Teams, and send issues directly to Jira. Learn more

Exploratory testing

(Add-on) A group of experienced testers, dedicated to your account, perform unscripted testing to find bugs off the happy path and provide usability feedback.
Give me automated test coverage

Overall the service is amazing and there's nothing else out there that would do this for us. It's added a ton of stability to our development process and made it way less stressful to merge changes.

Ian Jennings

Ian Jennings

Founder at Replayable

E2E test maintenance could cost you 100s of hours this year. With Rainforest, it could cost you 0.

Eliminate the boring, repetitive work of E2E test maintenance. So your team can get back to the fun part: making your app better.

Get test maintenance off my plate

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