Say no to old-school QA!

Stop waiting. Stop refactoring. We automate your functional and integration testing with our QA-as-a-Service API.

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Why Rainforest?

Super Fast Results

Wait minutes, not days for Rainforest to return your results. Rainforest runs your tests against hundreds of testers in parallel, so your team can keep moving fast without being slowed down by a QA team.

No More Refactoring!

The problem with automation is that your tests must be refactored all the time. Your team can focus on shipping product while Rainforest tests adapt to your changes.

Cross Browser Testing

Your developers don't use IE but your customers do. Rainforest finds bugs in all major browsers so that you can sleep easy at night, knowing that your customers are getting a great and consistent experience.

Reliable Results

Our business is accurate QA, and we have extremely resilient systems in place to maintain that quality 24/7, so you can trust Rainforest.

CI + Bug-tracker Integrations

Rainforest fits into your existing workflow so you can review and take action on bugs from within your bug tracker or CI system.

Chat + Email Notifications

Rainforest pipes your bugs to wherever it's most efficient for you to get them, including Hipchat and Slack.

How does Rainforest work?

  1. 1. Create Tests

    Write tests in plain English using our simple Test Builder.

  2. 2. Run Tests

    Run your tests through our human-powered Execution Engine.

  3. 3. Get Results

    Catch your bugs in each browser, before they hit Production.

Inside Rainforest:

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