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Fast and simple QA

We automate your functional and integration testing with our QA-as-a-Service API. Human testing at the speed of automation.

receive testing results for all web browsers simultaneously
  1. Create Tests

    Write and maintain tests in plain English using our simple Test Builder. PMs, developers and QA all work together.

  2. Run Tests

    Run your tests in 30 minutes against our 50,000 strong human-powered Execution Engine. No hiring required.

  3. View Bug Reports

    Catch your bugs in each browser, before they hit Production. Our simple reporting makes your life easier.

  • Zengine
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Zenefits
  • Soylent
"We view Rainforest as the last area of defense, and we use their testing results to make sure that there’s a human mind that agrees with our automated results.”
Laks Srini, CTO of Zenefits
“Rainforest is a great fit for when you have a less technical team member pushing front-end changes. Rainforest lets our team quickly test how the site looks in every browser.”
John Coogan, CTO of Soylent
"Rainforest has become our functional QA department.""
Max Spankie, Software Engineer, ConsumerAffairs
"The bottom line is that after integrating our tests into the Rainforest QA platform, we have been able to run hundreds of tests at the same time, against multiple web browsers, and get quality human-driven results back in under an hour."
Anthony Putignano, VP Engineering, Zengine