Test automation services for SaaS startups

Let your development team focus on shipping — Rainforest’s experienced automation experts take test writing and maintenance completely off your hands.

They embed in your workflows, work in or near your time zone, and come highly rated by other Rainforest customers, so you can deliver high-quality software with velocity and peace of mind.

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60-day money-back guarantee

How it works

Step 1

We dedicate vetted Test Managers to your account

All Rainforest Test Managers have worked with us and our platform since at least 2017 and undergo regular training and evaluations. And they’re all consistently highly rated by customers — otherwise they wouldn’t still be with us.

Step 2

Your Test Managers embed in your workflows

Your Test Managers join your project and comms tools (e.g., Linear, Jira, Slack, Teams), deeply learning your product and priorities. They work in or near your time zone and speak fluent English, so communication is easy and efficient.

Step 3

Tell your Test Managers what you want tested

Using typed messages and/or recorded videos, simply tell your Test Managers what needs automated test coverage. They’ll take care of the rest.

Step 4

Your Test Managers handle 100% of automated test writing and maintenance

Working within the no-code Rainforest platform, your Test Managers keeps your test suite up to date. They can usually start creating automated test coverage on their first day, getting your smoke suite up and running within a week.

Step 5

The only test failures you hear about are the ones pointing to bugs

Your Test Managers review every failure, filtering out any false positives and proactively updating the tests that need it.

Our Test Managers are really proactive, they triage all the errors and things that happen in tests, they fix up the tests, they write new tests, and they ask crazy-insightful questions on the product. Rainforest has become a safe pair of hands for us.

Tyrone Erasmus

Tyrone Erasmus

Co-founder / CTO at Push Security

Includes all the tooling and infrastructure you need

There’s no need to provision QA tooling — your Test Manager works within Rainforest’s AI-powered, all-in-one platform. It includes everything you need for your software testing efforts. 

No-code test automation

Rainforest automation is both intuitive and no-code, so your Test Manager can quickly create and maintain automated test scripts, keeping your release pipeline moving.

Testing infrastructure

Enjoy zero-effort scalability. All tests are executed on our cloud of virtual machines, which feature multiple versions of Windows, macOS, and popular browsers.

Test management

Organize and run your tests by feature, tag, or other filters. See test version and run histories.

Parallel test execution

Run dozens or even hundreds of tests at the same time. On average, customers get test suite results in just 4 minutes.

Generative AI

Rainforest’s AI detects many intended changes to your app and automatically updates your tests, avoiding unnecessary test maintenance. Your Test Manager takes care of the rest.

Detailed test results

Get AI-generated explanations of test failures, repro steps, video recordings, HTTP logs, browser logs, metrics, and more debugging insights.

Test the actual user experience

Unlike testing solutions that only test the DOM, Rainforest’s automation evaluates and interacts with the visual layer of your app’s UI, just like your users do. 

Test outside the browser 

Test anything that appears on a Windows or Mac virtual machine — not just what appears in the browser window. Test file downloads, browser extensions, and more.


Automate continuous testing in your DevOps pipeline. Get test status notifications via email, Slack, or Teams. And send issues directly to Jira. Learn more

The fact that our Test Manager is very specialized, very efficient, knows Rainforest incredibly well, and knows our product incredibly well means she can just focus on this one area and do an incredibly good job of it.

Robert Guillaume

Robert Guillaume

QA Manager at YNAB

Guaranteed for 60 days: We hit your goals or you get your money back.

Before we make things official, we’ll agree on success criteria for your first 60 days with Rainforest. If we don’t meet your criteria within 60 days, request a refund from your Customer Success Manager and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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Other software testing services we offer

QA process consulting

Every Rainforest customer gets a Customer Service Manager (CSM) dedicated to their account. Our CSMs are quality assurance experts who have helped hundreds of startups develop their QA automation strategies. As a consultative partner, your CSM will work with you to design testing processes and methodologies for your product quality initiatives.

Exploratory testing

For full QA optimization of your app, Rainforest offers exploratory testing services to find the bugs and usability issues off the happy paths covered by ‌your automated test cases. We’ll dedicate a team of testers to your account so they can progressively familiarize themselves with the nuances of your app.

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I want to give kudos to our Test Managers for jumping in and more or less figuring the app out on their own. We gave them a long list of things to test. They dove right in and figured it out based on our four-year-old video tutorials.

Dale Smith

Dale Smith


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