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Software test automation is a competitive advantage. We’re making it accessible to everyone.
Today, we’re launching our no-code QA platform with a free-forever plan, making software test automation accessible to any product contributor in any company.
Remote Culture Tips From a Distributed Team
Let's talk about some crucial key components of company culture which are necessary for remote work to thrive.
A guide to running offsites for remote companies
Running an ROI-positive company offsite requires careful planning and a clear cultural purpose. We share our learnings from 20 offsites over 5 years.
Deep Dive into Rainforest Test Writing Service
Learn how Rainforest Test Writing Service works, and how you can use it to scale up and streamline your test case management workflow.
Rainforest QA Brings Simple and Secure Online Payment Testing to Ecommerce Industry with Virtual Credit Cards
Rainforest announced Virtual Credit Cards (VCC), a new, patent-pending innovation allowing companies to rapidly and reliably test credit card payments on their web or mobile app.
Growing the Rainforest Team: How 94% of Our Offers Turn into Hires
Rainforest has a 94% offer-to-hire conversion rate. In this post we share how we've designed an interview process that keeps candidates excited and engaged as they interact with the Rainforest team.
We just raised a Series B. Now it’s time to tackle the QA problem.
This new injection of capital allows us to expand our scope to tackle more of the ‘QA Problem’. We’re working towards a day when our customers will be able to rely 100% on Rainforest to drive a multifaceted, nuanced and business-appropriate investment in quality.
New Feature: Payments Testing on Web & Mobile Applications
We’re excited to release our new feature that enables eCommerce teams or anyone who needs to test credit card transactions on their web or mobile app: virtual credit cards.
9 Essential Blogs Every QA Team Should Read in 2018
Are you making testing resolutions for 2018? Check out 9 of our favorite QA blogs and resources for staying up to date with the latest QA and software testing news.
How to Make the Most of Mechanical Turk
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, or mTurk is a powerful, under-appreciated crowdsourcing platform that allows businesses to allocate work to humans programmatically and at scale.
Why Vista’s Acquisition of Applause is Bad for Applause Customers
Rainforest QA co-founder and CEO Fred Stevens-Smith weighs in on the impact that Vista's acquisition of Applause will have on Applause customers, and why Rainforest provides an innovative alternative.
How We Maintain a Trustworthy Rainforest Tester Network
How do we keep the Rainforest tester network secure? In this post, we’ll dive into how we secure the actual crowd to make sure they are real, trustworthy people (and not robots).
Benefits of a Distributed Team
At Rainforest QA, having a distributed team is an important part of our culture. In this post, we explore the benefits that we reap from having a distributed team.
A Day in the Life of a Rainforest Tester
Rainforest QA’s software is powered by thousands of testers worldwide. We get a lot of questions about who our testers are and how they interact with Rainforest’s platform in order to deliver fast results to our customers.
An Intro to How We Use VMs for QA Testing
An introduction to the Rainforest Virtual Machine (VM) infrastructure that covers everything from why we use VMs and how we build them to what we do to ensure that they keep us moving fast.
Introducing Rainforest Exploratory Testing
We're excited to announce that Rainforest QA now offers Exploratory Testing to super-power our customers' QA efforts.
How We Train Rainforest Testers
Learn how Rainforest testers are onboarded and trained, and how Rainforest ensures that testers provide reliable, consistent test results for each run.
Shipped: JIRA Integration
Project managers rejoice — we developed a JIRA integration for the Rainforest platform! This integration lets Rainforest users automatically create issues in JIRA when a test fails in Rainforest.
We just raised a $12mm series A!
Today is a big day for QA. I’m incredibly excited to announce that Rainforest QA has raised a $12mm Series A, led by Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners.
Rainforest QA Series A Press Release
Rainforest QA, the company replacing the QA team with a QA-as-a-Service platform, today announced it has raised $12 million in Series A funding led by BVP with participation from Rincon Venture Partners, Industry Ventures and Marc Benioff.
Rainforest QA Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding Led by Bessemer Venture Partners
Rainforest announced it has raised $12 million in Series A funding led by BVP with participation from Rincon Venture Partners, Industry Ventures and Salesforce founder Marc Benioff. Byron Deeter, partner at BVP, will join Rainforest QA’s board of directors.
Using HubSpot? Ad Blockers Are Costing You Leads
Here’s how I uncovered a bug in the HubSpot Marketing Automation platform that is probably hurting you, too, and how you can fix it!
What our $4m seed round means for the QA Community
In brief it means much more engagement with all the amazing QAs, QEs and SDETs that make up our community.
We just raised $4m!
I'm so happy to be able to finally announce that we just closed $4m in Seed funding, to keep building out our vision of new-school QA.
Introducing Http::Exceptions
Rainforest is built on open source and we’ve been doing our best to contribute back to it by extracting Http::Exceptions from the main application.