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9 Essential Blogs Every QA Team Should Read in 2018

Time to start making your QA resolutions for the new year? A great place to start is picking up a few new perspectives. Here are 9 of our favorite blogs and resources for staying up to date with the latest QA and software testing news.

Testers' Digest Newsletter


While not technically a blog, Daria Mehras’ round-up newsletter provides a great way to stay on top of of the latest QA industry news. Daria, director of QA for Quid, curates the simple, streamlined newsletter on a “weekly-ish” basis with a new topical focus for each issue.

James Bach


No QA reading list is complete without the inclusion of James Bach’s blog. A pioneer of both agile and session-based testing, James’ writing is a great resource for both testing newbies and experts alike.

Google Testing Blog

https://testing.googleblog.com/ Google’s testing blog provides great insights into testing at scale -- they have a huge team, massive array of products and lots of room to experiment with development tools and techniques. Google’s testing blog benefits from a wide range of contributes across a variety of teams at Google.

Tester Stories


Jeff Nyman shares tales from his testing experience in an approachable, friendly format. Many of his posts are very detailed, with a how-to approach to a wide range of testing snafus. If you’re looking to build new skills and learn from a pro, Jeff’s blog should be at the top of your list.

Atlassian Software Testing


Atlassian’s blog isn’t solely about software testing, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable, especially for lean QA and dev teams. Atlassian encourages teams to keep their QA team small compared to their developer workforce. However, their QAs are greatly empowered to help developers make a greater impact on product quality. Check out their series of posts on software testing to learn about Atlassian’s approach to QA.

Qualitest The Testing Show (Podcast)


If you prefer your QA news to be more of an auditory experience, The Testing Show is for you. Qualitest’s ongoing podcast series features a rotating roster of expert guest panelists who bring a diversity set of opinions to every topic.

Jonathan Kohl


Jonathan Kohl is another industry veteran who writes about a wide range of topics, including test-driven development (TDD) and context-driven testing. His blog is especially useful for QAs interested in diving deeper on mobile app testing as well as testing for wearable and IoT technologies.

Automating the Future


Automation is a key part of many team’s strategies. Quentin Thomas writes about the cutting edge of testing automation. Interested in learning how machine learning plays a role in software testing? Quentin shares great insights gleaned from his experience as Sr. Quality Automation Engineer at Bleacher Report.

Joe Colantonio


Joe Colantonio focuses almost exclusively on automation testing, making his blog a great resource for teams that are trying to crack the automation code for their own testing process. Whether you need to pick the right automation tool or want to better understand what not to automate, Joe almost certainly has some advice to point you in the right direction.

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