Continuous Delivery

How to optimize software testing for a continuous delivery pipeline.

Top 5 Continuous Testing Tools to Speed Up Release Cycles
Continuous testing tools make it possible to deploy software updates multiple time a day while keeping quality high.
How Modular Testing Fits Into Your Continuous Testing Strategy
In this post, we explore modular testing, one facet of continuous testing, and learn how it contributes to a fast, reliable QA strategy.
The Role of QA Testing in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
You can only move as fast as your QA process allows. That’s why in order to do continuous delivery, you need to adopt an equally continuous QA process.
Common Pitfalls of Continuous Delivery: Deployment Raciness
A less obvious cost is your CD development is effort required to keep your application CD-friendly. This post covers one of the thorniest problems of the continuous delivery world: deployment race conditions, and two alternatives for solving this issue.
Three ‘Shift Left’ Testing Strategies to Deploy Code Faster
Testing earlier helps teams catch bugs earlier and move faster. Here are three ways that three different companies approach testing to help speed up development and deploy more confidently.
Implementing Continuous Delivery: How We Ship Code at Rainforest
How the Rainforest team ships code, and what we're doing to make our deployment strategy better, faster and stronger with continuous delivery.
CI Servers: Should you self-host or rely on SaaS?
Lets compare the two approaches to continuous integration (hosted vs self hosted) and try to figure out which one is best for you.
What is Continuous Integration and why use it?
You probably heard the news, CI is cool. In this post I'm going to walk you through the basics of what CI is, and why you need to use it, like now.