QA Strategy

How to run an effective quality assurance process.

The Rainforest Method: 5 essential QA testing best practices
After 10 years, we have a set of QA testing best practices that work for teams shipping fast and frequently.
The practical guide to QA strategy for startups
Learn the practical frameworks and practices that’ll help you build a strong foundation for your teams's QA strategy.
QA testing tools in 2024: How to know what’s right for you
Learn how to differentiate between various QA testing tools, how to decide which ones you need, and 30+ options to consider.
Think twice before hiring QA for your startup
Learn why startups usually don’t need to (and often shouldn’t) hire a QA person to improve product quality.
Software regression testing: examples, best practices, and more
This guide to software regression testing answers the top FAQs about software regression testing.
Protected: An easy way to calculate the cost of bugs [Calculator]
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Web Application Testing: Getting Started with Functional Testing
In this post, we'll cover the most common types of web application testing, which ones to prioritize, and tools to use.
You Only Need These 5 QA Metrics to Improve Software Testing
Many quality assurance metrics evaluate QA activities rather than results. These are the 5 most helpful QA metrics.
Agile Regression Testing: How to Do It Well
Learn the basics of agile regression testing and five strategies to streamline your software testing process.
How to Write a Test Plan: Free Template & 6 Step Guide
Learn how to write a software test plan. Get started with our practical guide and free template.
The layers of testing architecture
The landscape of software testing is changing. Speed and quality are no longer seen as opposing forces.
The Top 5 Don’ts of Software Testing
Over time, the QA industry has developed many great processes and best practices that drive software and business success. But some practices are outdated, while others have negatively impacted product success. In this post, we share the Top 5 Don’ts of Software Testing.
How to Scale QA without Scaling Your QA Team
Doing QA well is tough, even for innovative teams. Scaling good QA is even tougher. Learn how to scale your QA strategy without scaling your QA team.
Where Does QA Fit in a Software Development Life Cycle?
The entire software development life cycle opens up many vulnerable areas for problems to occur, which is why it’s important to know where QA fits into the development workflows.
What your Team can Learn From IKEA’s Quality Processes
In this post we explore 3 ways that IKEA ensures product quality, and how software testing teams can apply those practices to their own QA process. Applying IKEA’s methodologies to your development workflow may be more beneficial than you’d expect.
What is defect clustering?
In this post we explore how to keep clusters of defects from bringing down your quality, and learn about a real-world fix for defect clustering with Bleacher Report’s Senior Automation Engineer Quentin Thomas. We also cover what is defect clustering and some key indicators you should look out for.
What You Can Learn from How Google Tests Software
We dove into the archives of the Google Testing Blog to discover how other growing teams can learn from how Google approaches software testing.
6 Ways to Streamline Your QA Process
A new year likely means new goals, whether you want to ship features faster, boost quality or scale your team. Learn 5 ways you can streamline your QA with continuous testing.
The Key to eCommerce Testing Success & Better UX
eCommerce websites cannot afford to have bad UX, especially during peaks in site traffic. This post includes best practices of eCommerce QA testing & the top 5 test cases.
QA Testers: Version Control Isn’t Just for Dev Teams Anymore
Using version control for development teams is a well-established best practice. However, most QA teams don’t utilize it and can benefit from it too.
How Modular Testing Fits Into Your Continuous Testing Strategy
In this post, we explore modular testing, one facet of continuous testing, and learn how it contributes to a fast, reliable QA strategy.
The Role of QA Testing in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
You can only move as fast as your QA process allows. That’s why in order to do continuous delivery, you need to adopt an equally continuous QA process.
The Definitive Pre-deployment QA Checklist
Here are the seven major types of QA testing that all software teams should have on their checklist by the time their product reaches maturity.