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Company and product news from Rainforest QA.

We’re making software test automation accessible to everyone
Today, we’re launching our no-code QA platform with a free-forever plan, making software test automation accessible to any product contributor in any company.
Tips for remote working from a distributed team
We’re all remote workers today. There has been a ton of amazing information published by some of the leading remote companies about how to work remotely, but we haven’t seen much that talks about what kind of company culture is necessary for remote work to thrive. Having done this for 8 years, I can confidently say the ‘soft stuff’ is […]
A guide to running offsites for remote companies
Rainforest QA is a distributed team. We have been distributed for seven years, with have Rainforesters all over the world and a truly global culture. On this seven year journey we have learned many lessons on how to run a global company with a coherent culture.  According to the team our offsites are the most impactful […]
We just raised a Series B. It’s time to tackle the QA problem.
The way we build software has changed; the way we do QA hasn’t. At Rainforest we’re changing that by helping companies rethink QA and bring it into the era of continuous delivery. Our focus is solely QA, and we have spent the last six years helping hundreds of companies hit their business goals through smarter […]
Managing a distributed team
While there are many benefits to having a distributed team, managing a distributed team does not come without challenges. One of the key criteria to building a successful distributed team is the ability to motivate the team. This can be extra challenging when most, if not all, of your team members are remote. The subtle […]
An Intro to How We Use VMs for QA Testing
An introduction to the Rainforest Virtual Machine (VM) infrastructure that covers everything from why we use VMs and how we build them to what we do to ensure that they keep us moving fast.
We just raised a $12mm series A!
Today is a big day for QA. I’m incredibly excited to announce that we have raised a $12mm Series A, led by Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners. We wouldn’t be here without our customers. So a huge THANK YOU to our customers paying us to help solve their QA problems. Thank you for believing […]