Customer Case Studies: QA Testing Successes

We make your team happier and more productive with our Continuous QA platform for fast, on-demand crowdsourced testing.

Here’s what customers are saying about how they use Rainforest to move fast without breaking things.

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Case Studies:

E-Commerce 51 - 100 employees Read Case Study
Analytics 101 - 250 employees Read Case Study
Management Information Systems 1000+ employees Read Case Study
Knowledge Management Software 11 - 50 employees Read Case Study
Marketing Automation 51 - 100 employees Read Case Study
Media 11 - 50 employees Read Case Study
Audience Response Systems 11 - 50 employees Read Case Study
Hospitality, Mobile Apps 11-50 employees Read Case Study

What our customers have to say about Rainforest:

  • QA is typically the first thing thrown out the door in most cases, and with Rainforest it's not, it’s part of our development process.
    Trent Seed, Co-founder and CTO, Oomnitza
  • WE LOVE RAINFOREST! We’ve caught a ton of bugs so far.
    Cory Moyta, Technical Writer, TinderBox
  • Rainforest is an amazing product that saves us a ton on time
    Chris McCullough, CEO and Co-founder, RotaGeek
  • I'm super excited about Rainforest! Selenium is so flaky, the fact that there's another person on the other end is AMAZING! I want people testing my site, not robots!
    Ian Hunter, CTO, BuzzStarter
  • We're shipping a hotfix into production today based on an Android bug we found and verified with Rainforest. The product is basically selling itself.
    Paul Miles, Software Development Manager, a $150mm company