We make your team happier and more productive with our Continuous QA platform for fast, on-demand crowdsourced testing.

Here’s what customers are saying about how they use Rainforest to move fast without breaking things.

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Case Studies:

E-Commerce 75 employees Read Case Study
Analytics 104 employees Read Case Study
Finance 761 employees Read Case Study
Monitoring and Analytics 30 employees Read Case Study
Cooking Media and Publication 210 employees Read Case Study
Solar Energy 27 employees Read Case Study
Ecommerce 30 employees Read Case Study
Knowledge Management Software 22 employees Read Case Study
Marketing Automation 125 employees Read Case Study

What our customers have to say about Rainforest:

  • QA is typically the first thing thrown out the door in most cases, and with Rainforest it's not, it’s part of our development process.
    Trent Seed, Co-founder and CTO, Oomnitza
  • WE LOVE RAINFOREST! We’ve caught a ton of bugs so far.
    Cory Moyta, Technical Writer, TinderBox
  • Rainforest is an amazing product that saves us a ton on time
    Chris McCullough, CEO and Co-founder, RotaGeek
  • I'm super excited about Rainforest! Selenium is so flaky, the fact that there's another person on the other end is AMAZING! I want people testing my site, not robots!
    Ian Hunter, CTO, BuzzStarter
  • We're shipping a hotfix into production today based on an Android bug we found and verified with Rainforest. The product is basically selling itself.
    Paul Miles, Software Development Manager, a $150mm company