Rainforest QA empowers JustProtect to perform 1.5 months of QA testing in 45 minutes

The situation: Traditional QA solutions like hiring internal testers wouldn't work for JustProtect. Their budget constraints and fast release cycle required a more efficient and cost-effective approach.

The result: Rainforest provides JustProtect with the power of 60+ testers at the cost of just two, significantly reducing testing time. This frees up developer resources for new features and avoids slowing down their release schedule.

Jamie Aquila
CTO and Co-Founder at JustProtect




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With Rainforest, performing 20 tests for a new release takes about 45 minutes. That would take a month and a half with two in-house QA testers. It would be difficult, and very cost inefficient.

Building a fast, effective QA process on a new startup budget

JustProtect is a platform that helps enterprises simplify the process of distributing internal and third-party assessments.

As the CTO and co-founder of JustProtect, Jamie Aquila was in charge of putting a QA process in place for their product. He knew the most common solution was to hire QA staff internally, train them on JustProtect’s product, and set them to work testing it. 

But hiring and training testers came with drawbacks. Adding two QA hires to their team would increase the startup’s overhead and put a strain on their budget. Plus, a small team of in-house QA testers could only work so fast. It would take weeks for two employees to work their way through manual regression testing for each new release, which would slow down JustProtect’s release schedule by weeks, if not longer. 

Jamie knew he needed a solution that was faster, more flexible, and required less internal resources.  

“Hiring QA testers would have required more resources. As a startup, we had a limited budget. I didn’t want to have to hire a QA and train them to get them up to speed on our product.” 

On-demand QA testing 

Instead of hiring internally, JustProtect now uses Rainforest’s no-code testing platform for all of their quality assurance. 

Jamie loves how simple Rainforest’s interface is to use, and how quickly the testers can perform manual regression testing, 24/7, every day of the year. 

Rainforest’s testers can handle even the most technical use cases: JustProtect’s most complex recurring order is a series of nested tests with 50+ steps. Because Rainforest uses human testers, Jamie can have them use incognito windows to validate the process from both sides, testing as both sender and receiver. 

As a result, Jamie can launch each new release quickly, with complete peace of mind, knowing that JustProtect’s product will work as intended for all of their clients, every time. 

“It allows us to be a lot more agile. Once that release is done, it’s out the door almost the same day, and we’re off to the races on the next one.”

1.5 months of testing in 45 minutes

Rainforest gives JustProtect the power to perform QA testing on each new release in minutes instead of months. 

For each new product release, Jamie sets up approximately 20 tests. With three testers per test, on average, Jamie instantly has up to 60 testers performing tests for him. He receives results for all 20 tests in only 45 minutes. If Jamie had decided to build an in-house QA team instead, he estimates the same amount of testing would take them 1.5 months. 

Without Rainforest, JustProtect would need to divert developer resources to QA efforts, negatively impacting their ability to build new products and work on new features—consequently slowing their release schedule. 

Because of the benefits that Rainforest offers, Jamie hasn’t hired a single QA employee. He’s confident that Rainforest has him covered. 

“It would be ineffective and extremely cost-ineffective to hire staff to recreate the quality that we get with Rainforest.”