We consistently hear from engineering leaders that automated test maintenance is a painful, mindless exercise that takes too much time away shipping code — the main goal of any startup software team.

Our vision is to deliver end-to-end test automation that requires no maintenance from your team. With that in mind, we’ve designed Rainforest as an intuitive, no-code platform that anyone can quickly use with no training. This has been an important — but insufficient! — step.

Generative AI allows us to take a significant leap forward towards our vision. For any test steps created in Rainforest with an AI prompt (“Login to the app and visit the account page”), Rainforest will automatically update (or “heal”) test steps to reflect intended, non-buggy changes to your app.

That means significantly fewer false-positive test failures that require investigation and maintenance. Fewer bottlenecks in your release pipeline. Test failures that reflect actual bugs and issues you’ll want to fix. And ultimately, confidence in your test suite.

In this video, our CEO, Fred Stevens-Smith, walks through what these new AI features look like in action.

If you’re a growing SaaS startup ready to automate your manual test suite, talk to us about checking out a live demo.