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Mobile App Testing for iOS and Android

Rainforest Mobile Testing provides mobile QA-as-a-Service to execute mobile application testing across multiple devices in a fast, scalable way, allowing teams to ship high quality mobile apps rapidly.

  • Mobile Testing

    Scalable, Crowdsourced iOS and Android Testing

  • Test Results in 30 Minutes

    On-Demand 24/7, with Results in 30 Minutes

  • Mobile Testing for CI/CD

    Mobile Testing Built for CI/CD

"The Rainforest QA Mobile offering for iOS shows a lot of promise. It helps us accelerate our testing - we can go through our regression testing for a release in minutes not hours and it helps our team focus on the areas impacted by the new release. We've been able to release more frequently with higher quality and confidence since using the service. We look forward to its next iterations!"
Mike Gradek, CTO Busbud
  1. Scalable, Crowdsourced iOS and Android Testing
    Scalable, Crowdsourced iOS and Android Testing

    Scalable, Crowdsourced iOS and Android Testing

    Powered by Amazon Device Farm, Rainforest Mobile runs your mobile app tests on real iOS and Android devices. We handle maintaining and updating the devices, which means you don’t need to worry about having to purchase a single device in-house.

  2. On-Demand and Always Available

    The Rainforest tester network is available 24/7, meaning you never have to rely on your in-house or contracted tester’s availability and bandwidth. Our mobile phones are always ready for your test.

  3. Built for Agile and CI/CD, with Results in 30 Minutes

    Testing is both expensive and a bottleneck for mobile development teams. Rainforest is built for the speed and flexibility of CI/CD and Agile, and integrates seamlessly with your workflow and tools, with comprehensive, cross-device testing results in around 30 minutes.

We support

  • Android
  • iOS9
    iOS 9
  • X-Code
  • Swift
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