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Boost your iOS and Android mobile app testing capability with the only solution that delivers on-demand results in hours, not days.

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Why Rainforest Mobile App Testing?

Rainforest QA offers the world’s only on-demand mobile testing platform for iOS and Android. We combine virtual machines and real devices to deliver your app dev team unparalleled testing speed and accuracy so you can make every release count.

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Testing - Test Faster

    Test Apps Faster

    When every app store release impacts DAUs, use the only platform that can return comprehensive iOS and Android app tests in hours, not days.

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Testing - Crush Fragmentation

    Crush Fragmentation

    Only Rainforest QA tests on-demand and reliably across device, OS and screen size permutations in massive parallel to nullify fragmentation.

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Testing - Amplify Signal

    Amplify Signal

    Get better, reproducible app test results on an AI-powered platform that sources testers on both virtual machines and real mobile devices.

Any Rainforest QA Mobile test case we write becomes extremely efficient over time. We’re saving 25-30% of our QA time by leveraging Rainforest. That’s saved us a ton of money.

Dominic Esposito, Head of Product, Jitjatjo

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Crowdsourcing Mobile QA Testing

Learn how crowdsourced mobile testing can help your development team keep up with mounting mobile demands, and in a way that fits into your development and testing workflow.

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  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Broad Coverage

    Broad Mobile Coverage

    We maintain iOS and Android OS device coverage so you don’t have to

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App On-demand

    Always On-demand

    Get same day results, in as fast as 30 minutes, 24/7/365

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App VMs

    VMs & Real Devices

    Blend virtual machines and real devices to balance speed and cost

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App AI-verified

    AI-verified Quality

    Machine learning manages testers and their results to remove false positives

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Highly Reproducible

    Highly Reproducible

    Get recorded videos and screenshots for tests to easily reproduce issues

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Secure Testing

    Secure Testing

    We clear VMs and devices per test to secure environments and apps

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Location Connectivity

    Location & Connectivity

    Focus on targeted geos to test connectivity and location services

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Cross-App Behavior

    Cross-app Behavior

    Test on-device app interactions to ensure proper cross-app functionality

  • Rainforest QA Mobile App Parallel Testing

    Parallel Testing

    Test multiple virtual devices simultaneously to enable CI/CD