No Code Test Automation

Comprehensive quality assurance — no coding required.

Get back to delivering the features that matter and spend less time looking for bugs with Rainforest’s cloud-based automated testing platform.

Your first five hours of testing are free, every month
Visual Test Writing

Deploy with confidence at any stage of growth

From startups to enterprises, teams know they’ll catch bugs before their customers do with Rainforest QA.
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Visual Test Writing

A new approach to testing that anyone can do

With no coding skills required, write browser-based automated tests that anybody can understand. Rainforest’s zero setup cost means testing can begin right away without adding overhead to your team’s workflow.

Define what quality means to you.

With our extensive set of interaction and assertion options, map out exactly what our network of virtual machines should consider a failure.

Supercharge tests with dynamic data

No need to neglect tough edge-cases or real-world scenarios. Import live data like login credentials, payment details, and mobile numbers.

Visual Test Writing

Continuous Testing

Effortless test execution whenever you need it

Whether it’s 10 tests or 100, Rainforest allows you to run a full test suite on a virtual machine in seconds. Runs can be started a variety of ways, including on a recurring schedule. No more headaches setting up complex test environments.

Ready to handle test suites of all sizes

Test management tools like filters, folders, and custom tags help you keep even the most complex of test suites organized.

Test as fast as you can deploy

Integrate directly into your software’s deployment pipeline. Automatically run your test suite before pushing changes to production.

Visual Test Writing

Actionable Results

Keep your quality on track with fast feedback

Running automated tests on Rainforest’s virtual machines is fast. Receive detailed test results in minutes, pinpointing exactly when and where a regression happened in your product. Saving you time and reducing paper trails.

Tests that evolve as your product does

Make test maintenance a breeze using smart suggestions. These help reduce test flakiness and keep your logic up to date after each detected failure.

Always keep your team in the loop

Integrate directly into your software’s deployment pipeline. Automatically run your test suite before pushing changes to production.

Visual Test Writing

“I can hire two or three good QA people and they can act with the power of five or six, just by using Rainforest.”

Ben Smith
Director of Engineering

“Tests that would take our in-house manual team two or three days can be executed by Rainforest testers in less than a couple of hours.”

Andrew Bilsland
QA Team Lead

“We wouldn't be doing CI/CD the way we are now without Rainforest's automated QA backbone.”

Clay Jones
TPM Engineer

“Innovative approach to QA that allowed us to get coverage in record time.”

James Kleinschnitz
Chief Technology Officer
Leader In
Software Testing
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Test Automation

More ways Rainforest can improve your quality assurance process

Mobile Testing

Our on-demand community of expert QA testers can run functional and regression tests on your mobile web or native app, 24x7. Get detailed, reliable results in minutes.

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Regression Testing

Rainforest QA’s no-code automation frees your team from tedious, manual regression testing to spend more time on QA strategy, product development, and more. Have more confidence in your releases, without adding QA headcount.

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Browser Testing

Automate tests across 20+ versions of browsers—no coding required. Anyone can create and run tests for any scenario and get detailed test results back in minutes.

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Crowdsourced Testing

Rainforest’s community of quality assurance experts helps eliminate the busy work of manual testing. Without sacrificing the insightful feedback your team needs.

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