Automated Regression Testing Tool

The simplest, most cost-effective way to automate regression testing

Rainforest QA’s no-code automation frees your team from tedious, manual regression testing to spend more time on QA strategy, product development, and more. Have more confidence in your releases, without adding QA headcount.

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No-code automation

Anyone can automate regression tests

Anyone who contributes to product quality can write and maintain automated tests with Rainforest QA’s no-code, visual test editor. There’s no automation or technical expertise required.

No-code automation

Easy test maintenance

Spend less time maintaining tests with our one-click option to heal tests that break when your website or app’s UI changes.

Get up and running quickly

Already have documented test cases? There’s no need to start from scratch—try our test writing service. We’ll add your tests to the platform for you.

Testing Flexibility

Testing Flexibility

Everything you need for full test coverage

All tests run on virtual machines in our cloud, giving you access to infinite testing scalability and 40+ browsers and platforms. Schedule your tests or run them on-demand, 24x7—you can test every release, no matter when you’re pushing code.

Test any scenario

Rainforest gives you virtual email inboxes, auto-generated form variables like emails and passwords, and more. You can upload your own test data variables, too.

Budget-friendly automation

The platform access fee is a flat $200 per month. Beyond that, just pay for what testing you need done at $5 per hour of automated testing.

Fast Results

Detailed test results in just minutes

No matter how many tests you kick off in the Rainforest platform at a time, they run in parallel. That’s how we can deliver complete test suite results in just minutes—3.5 minutes, on average. Get notified of results in real-time via Slack, Microsoft Teams, and/or email.

Fast Results

What you get

Get everything you need to reproduce and triage test failures with HTTP logs, screenshots, and video recordings.

Fast enough for CI/CD

Integrate Rainforest QA testing into your continuous delivery process via the API, CLI, or CircleCI integration.

“I can hire two or three good QA people and they can act with the power of five or six, just by using Rainforest.”

Ben Smith
Director of Engineering

“Tests that would take our in-house manual team two or three days can be executed by Rainforest testers in less than a couple of hours.”

Andrew Bilsland
QA Team Lead

“We wouldn't be doing CI/CD the way we are now without Rainforest's automated QA backbone.”

Clay Jones
TPM Engineer

“Innovative approach to QA that allowed us to get coverage in record time.”

James Kleinschnitz
Director of Product

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Crowdsourced Testing

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Mobile Testing

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Try the simplest way to automate regression testing

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    No credit-card required
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    14-day free trial