Rainforest QA is a popular alternative to Global App Testing

Feature comparison

Global App Testing


No code testing
Web regression testing
Mobile-web regression testing
Native app testing
Unified VM Infrastructure
Integration support
Documented API
Fast enough for CI/CD
Public, transparent pricing
Free trial
Detailed Bug reports, logs, and human feedback 24x7

More details on why teams choose Rainforest as an alternative to Global App Testing

No code Automation

A simple yet powerful test editor means everyone on your team can contribute and collaborate. Tests run as fast as traditional automation, without the downsides of being code-based, or being tied to the DOM.

Manual testing, fast enough for CI

You can run Rainforest Automation against our crowd of trained testers any time you want. This gives an extra layer of feedback only humans can provide in under 30 minutes, 24x7.

Write once, test on multiple Browsers

We take care of the infrastructure; keeping you supplied with the latest browsers and devices. With Rainforest Tests, you can write them once and run them against a list of browsers in one click.

Triage results quicker

Video included as standard. HAR logs of what your server was sent and replied? Standard. Send issues directly to JIRA. Tester comments and debugging on demand.

Clear, public, scalable pricing

Global App Testing does not have public pricing. We list our pricing publicly, so you can be sure of what you're paying upfront.

Our pricing is public and scales with you as you test. There isn't anything hidden.

Fits in your existing CI/CD process

Global App Testing does not integrate in to your Continuous Integraion process. With Rainforest, you can get results every run with our one line integration in to your CI/CD process.

Get results every run with our one line integration in to your CI/CD process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a contract with Rainforest?

No. You only pay for what you use each month. If you want to have a more predictable cost, or get volume discounts, just talk to us.

What is Rainforest QA?

Hundreds of companies rely on Rainforest to ship with confidence daily, automating their testing 24x7 at lower cost.

THESE COMPANIES HAVE run 9,079,559 tests and counting on rainforest. JOIN THEM NOW➝