Pay-as-you-go pricing that scales with your testing.

Pay As You Go

/ month
Platform Access
Unlimited users
Test Case Management
/ hour
manual testing
Available 24/7
Trained, managed testing crowd
In-depth bug reports
~30 minute turnaround time
/ hour
Automated Testing
No-code visual automation
~5 minute turnaround time
additional features
$50 / hour
Exploratory Testing
$50 / hour
Test Writing Service
$200 / month
Mobile Testing access
$500 / month
SMS Testing
$500 / month
Production Payments Testing
Play with our pricing calculator spreadsheet to estimate pricing and cost for your business.


Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Annual or multi-year contract
Volume discounting

Custom crowd
Custom tester NDA
Custom devices
Contact us to discuss enterprise options over email or chaT
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A full-stack Quality Assurance Platform.

Building the right quality stack is hard and expensive. Not to mention hiring the team that works within it. That's why fast-moving companies use Rainforest: we integrate many of the key elements of world-class QA organizations into a single platform. So you don't have to.


Do It Yourself

/ month
Rainforest QA Platform
Test case management, testing infrastructure, automated and crowd testing
/ month
Test Case Management
e.g. Excel, TestRail, Tricentis
/ month
Testing Infrastructure
e.g. Sauce Labs, Browserstack
/ month
Automated Testing
e.g. MABL, Cypress, Selenium
manual testING
/ hour
Crowd Manual Execution
Unlimited parallel execution, >3 concurrent testers, algorithmic quorum
/ hour
Manual QA Team
in-house $50+, outsourced $25+
Automated test infrastructure + execution
/ hour
Automated Test Execution
Unlimited parallel execution, unlimited infrastructure usage
/ hour
Quality Engineering Team
in-house from $75, outsourced from $25
/ hour
Automated Test Execution
e.g. Sauce Labs, Browserstack (limited parallel execution)
$4,200 / month
$4,773 / month
Based on running 20 manual tests 2 times per month, and 100 automated tests 40 times per month. Make a copy of our pricing calculator spreadsheet to tailor the assumptions in the model to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rainforest

What does manual testing cover?

Rainforest Manual Testing workers can be used for the following task types: manual test execution; creating and maintaining test suites (through Rainforest Test Designer); exploratory testing (through Rainforest Exploratory Testing). All of these are charged at the manual testing hourly rate.

Do I have to pay more for more testers?

No, we cover this cost for you, regardless of how many testers it takes to get a trustworthy result. Rainforest sends at least 3 testers to execute each test. We automatically vary the number of testers to ensure high quality. When testers disagree or we sense ambiguity, we may assign additional testers to the test in order to get higher signal before we return results to you.

How quickly can Rainforest get through my tests?

We run every test in parallel. Unlike traditional outsourcing, you have access to our entire global crowd. When you kick off a run of 500 tests, we will start them all at once. While the speed is constrained by the total number of testers working online at that particular moment, we do a lot of logistical management work to keep customers' runs to around 30 minutes.

What platforms do I get included?

All customers have access to all our desktop platforms out of the box. Speak to us to enable mobile platform access.

How much do I have to pay per VM?

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Nought. All VMs within your plan are accessible without limit. Why? Because you don't want your team worrying about how many minutes of VM time they're using.

Do you do mobile testing?

We support mobile web testing, and our Virtual Machine infrastructure includes the most common platforms, browsers and screen sizes. A full, up-to-date list can be found in our documentation.

What does support look like?

Technical support is always easily accessible from within Rainforest and over email. In addition we have comprehensive documentation, and have found that most problems can be solved by searching here. If you are looking for a dedicated point of contact at Rainforest, a Customer Success Manager who is accountable for your success on the platform, reach out to us about an Enterprise partnership.

How self-serve is your platform?

Rainforest is a quality platform, in the same way that AWS is an infrastructure platform. Everything is on-demand, and your team can do everything in Rainforest without speaking to someone. No account managers to go through, no scheduling of test runs, no "quick calls" to get simple stuff done. Beware competitors who claim to do "crowdsourced QA" but force you to speak to someone to initiate test runs.

Do you have documentation?

How is your automated testing different?

Rainforest Automation is no-code automated testing. Anyone on your team can write a test in our DSL, and then run the same test against machines or humans.

Does Rainforest work with my CI / CD setup?

Yes! Rainforest was built from Day 1 to work within Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows. To that end, Rainforest has a first-class API and CLI tooling. Read our Developer Docs for more.

Is it easy to integrate Rainforest into my deployment workflow?

Probably. We spend a lot of energy designing Rainforest to flexibly fit into modern development workflows. This means speed, modularity, and everything accessible and editable directly through our API. Many customers hook us into their production deploys, so that Rainforest tests are run as a blocking step in their release.

Can I export bugs found in Rainforest?

We have native integrations with Jira and Pivotal Tracker, and customers have used our API to build their own custom integrations with many different bug trackers and test case management platforms.

Do I need a credit card to get started?