Hiring a QA Specialist vs. Rainforest QA No-Code Test Automation

Who are you looking to hire?
How many test cases do you run when you release code to production?
Test cases include things like: "Test the login flow", "Test adding item to cart", and "Test the checkout flow.

0Test cases

How often do you run your suite of test cases?
This number should be greater than the number of times per month you release code to production.

0Times per month

Time savings

Save 0 hours per month with Rainforest QA no-code automated testing.

0 mins
+ Test maintenance hours
QA Analyst
0 mins
Rainforest QA

Cost savings

Save $0 per month running test cases with Rainforest QA.

QA Analyst
Rainforest QA

* With Rainforest QA, run up to five hours of automated tests for free, every month. $5 / hour, thereafter.

** Avg. QA Engineer salary + benefits = $125,000 + $7,500.

*** Assumes a manual tester would take 10 mins on average to run each test case, sequentially. Rainforest QA automated tests run in parallel and complete in <4 mins, on average.