Rainforest QA Exploratory Testing finds bugs your other tests can’t

Leverage an on-demand, vetted tester army to perform exploratory tests in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost to increase your application quality.

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Why Rainforest Exploratory Testing?

Only Rainforest lets you run on-demand exploratory tests to catch critical bugs across your web and mobile apps before customers find them. Execute tests using our expert testers to discover regressions more efficiently.

  • Rainforest QA Exploratory Testing - Discover Bugs

    Discover Unknown Bugs

    Enlist the help of vetted, experienced testers to dig deep into your web and mobile apps on-demand.

  • Rainforest QA Exploratory Testing - Ship with Confidence

    Ship with Confidence

    Improve quality with exploratory tests to fill in the natural gaps in your test coverage strategy.

  • Rainforest QA Exploratory Testing - Future-Proof Quality

    Future-Proof Quality

    Use exploratory results to seamlessly build new regression tests so bugs won’t reappear in the future.

Rainforest QA Exploratory Testing allows us to find bugs quickly, deploy faster and ship code with more confidence.

Rainforest QA Exploratory Testing PollEverywhere Customer Quote Brian Goodman, Product Manager, PollEverywhere

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How Good is Good Enough to Ship?

Learn how exploratory testing fits into a robust QA strategy, from surfacing critical bugs during development to catching edge cases after release.

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