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Balance Speed and Quality

We automate the QA process — not just tests — and include AI-based validation, on-demand testing, and automated test suite management, so you can align QA with the speed of your release goals and have confidence in every delivery.

Rainforest is more than a platform. We’re committed to working with you to ensure your QA strategy is as fast, accurate, and actionable as possible.

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The QA Challenge

Teams using conventional approaches in their QA process often struggle to keep up with the demands of fast-moving release cycles. This leads to bugs, downtime, and negatively impacts customer satisfaction and revenue goals.

In order to keep quality aligned with development goals, teams need a better way to do QA. Partner with Rainforest to improve your approach to QA so you can release faster and more frequently, without losing quality.


Trusted By

huumun leverages Rainforest to speed up testing cycles while offloading work from their Quality Control team.

“Rainforest supports our team to increase the speed of throughput. One of our solutions offerings takes 2-3 days to test from end-to-end — with Rainforest we can test to the same quality, if not better, in a matter of hours.”

– Colin Halliday, Solutions Development and Quality Director

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