One platform for both manual and automated software testing.

All the tools your team needs in one place.
"Our team has been very happy since we've started using Rainforest for our monthly release testing. This is because it has drastically reduced the effort our team has to put in to testing because the crowd at Rainforest takes care of a lot of it!"
Lindy Isherwood - QA Analyst, Mattermost
"Tests that would take our in house manual team 2-3 days can be executed by Rainforest in a couple of hours. Rainforest has significantly increased our turnaround time, coverage and throughput."
Andrew Bilsland - QC Lead, Huumun
"We are able to quickly determine if new releases have regression or are ready to move up the CD pipeline. Zero infrastructure cross browser testing is a huge problem we are solving with Rainforest. We have realized our goals for faster commit to deploy times and great confidence in releases."
James Kleinschnitz - Director of Product, Cireson
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Rainforest comes with all the tools you need to start software testing.

No Code Automated Testing

A simple yet powerful test editor that makes it easy for everyone on the team to collaborate
Powering Collaboration
Empower everyone on your team with no-code automation testing. Rainforest Automation rapidly scales coverage and drastically decreases software testing time.
Best of both worlds
A new way to write and execute tests combining the best of human and machine based testing. Have both the flexibility of large test coverage and the ability to fall back to human testers when needed.
Custom Workflows
Unite automation and manual testing within a single suite and customize your workflow: run against humans for major production releases, run every branch merge against robots.

Manual Testing with Rainforest Crowd

Test your applications using Rainforest Crowd - a global, on-demand HIPAA compliant network of trusted Software Quality Assurance people.
Fast manual test results, whenever you need
Get coverage for any release frequency, any time of day, with run times averaging 30 minutes. Blend the nuance of manual testing to the speed and efficiency of automation.
Write tests in natural language
Rainforest tests are written in natural language, which means anyone on your team can create and maintain tests (not just QA people!). Developers, PMs, CSMs and business analysts all use Rainforest to help make better software together.
Offload the creation and maintenance of your test suite
Test suite creation and maintenance as a service, executed by the Rainforest Crowd. Easily offload test suite rewrites, imports, and creation to our 24/7 team of software testing experts.

Modern Browsers, Platforms

Testing infrastructure is often the hidden cost of Software Quality Assurance - we built our own, so you don't have to.
Cross-browser, cross-platform
Test using any platform or cross browser combination on our proprietary flexible and scalable VM infrastructure. Choose the location tester traffic comes from on secure VPNs around the world.
Detailed bug reports thanks to our in-house testing infrastructure
A Rainforest bug report includes screenshots, video of the software testing session, HTTP logs and more, so that your team can quickly reproduce the problem, solve it, and ship.
Another set of tools you don't have to buy
Rainforest comes with fully-featured world class modern test infrastructure so your team doesn't need to integrate additional tools. Check our pricing page for a detailed rundown.

API + Workflow Integrations

Rainforest is built on an open API, and integrates with the tools that your team already uses
plays nicely with:
Rainforest is API-first, which means that any interaction with Rainforest can be done through our API. This means your team has the flexibility to integrate and use Rainforest in any way that makes sense for your business. We also have a Command Line Interface.

Customers have used our API for many things: integrate test execution directly into third-party test case management systems; send bugs to bug trackers; create tests from user stories in product management systems; send reporting to BI platforms.
Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
Rainforest brings the flexibility of manual testing to the speed and efficiency of deploying continuously. It’s easy to integrate us into your release workflow, so that production pushes and code merges are covered. Our system is flexible, which means that you can run specific test suites wherever they add the most value in your workflow.
Test results wherever your software team lives
Rainforest is built to fit into the workflow of the modern software team. Automatically send bugs found by Rainforest into your bug tracker with out of the box Jira and Pivotal Tracker support or integrate other bug trackers directly using our API.

Rainforest also integrates with Slack giving you control over who in your team gets alerted when tests run, pass, orfail. Speed up the quality feedback loop so your team can spend less time testing, and more time building.
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