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Our Tester Community

At Rainforest QA, our customers’ applications are in good hands. Our testing community is comprised of thousands of QA testers around the world, ready and eager to perform regression testing and deliver results fast. In fact, most of our community members have been performing regression testing for at least 2-3 years.

Testing Services

Testing Services

Regression testing isn’t the only thing our community of QA testers can do for our customers! Our community members can also perform exploratory testing, and even write test cases, for customers who use these services. In fact, a huge reason our customers buy and love Rainforest is because of the great work our testing community does!

Community Management

Community Management

We manage our community of testers directly, instead of relying on third-party platforms. To become a member of our tester community, an individual must successfully complete various modules related to testing and community guidelines at Rainforest QA. Testers receive continual support and guidance from our dedicated team of tester community managers as well as highly-skilled peers.


At Rainforest QA, we take security and privacy seriously. Below are just a few measures we take to ensure customers can feel comfortable and confident about the person testing their application:

  • Proof of ID. When testers set up a payment method with Rainforest QA (i.e PayPal or Skrill), they are required to submit a W-9 or W8-BEN (depending on location) and “Tester Agreement” contract signed with their legal name.
  • Secure Virtual Machines. Our testers execute all jobs on virtual machines provisioned by Rainforest — no need to worry about installing software on personal devices.
  • Two-factor Authentication. We provide the support needed for testers to secure their accounts using two-factor authentication, which can also be set up as a requirement for customer tests. This helps us ensure that verified tester accounts remain secure. Please note that while we encourage testers to enable two-factor authentication, it is not required.
  • Malware Scans. If a tester wants to receive testing jobs from customers that require HIPAA compliance, the tester must provide recurrent malware scans from the systems they use to access our platform. Please note that this is not a requirement for all of our testers, only testers who wish to test these specific applications.
  • Customized NDAs. For customers with specific NDA requirements, we support the signature of custom, customer-provided NDA contracts. Please note that this is not a requirement for all of our testers, only testers who wish to receive jobs from customers with NDA requirements.

Becoming a Tester

What are the benefits of joining our community of testers at Rainforest QA? Some of the basics can be found below!

What’s Included in the Tester Experience:

  • Freedom and control to work whenever you want
  • Ability to cash out earnings via Paypal or Skrill
  • Daily performance bonuses
  • Recognition for high scores (our A-rated testers)
  • Forum to discuss your experiences
  • Dedicated Community Team for support
  • Guides and articles to guide you through testing scenarios


  • Testers are required to be proficient in written English.

We’re not accepting new tester applications at the moment. But please check this space in the next few weeks for info on how to start the application process.

If you still have questions, check out our Tester Community FAQ. If you already have an account login here, or reach out to us at tester@rainforestqa.com.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

If you’d like to get to know a few of our community members a bit better, check out our “Tester Spotlight” blog series.

Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Lucas
Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Lucas

Lucas has been a Rainforest QA Tester June 2016.

Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Marilyn
Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Marilyn

Marilyn has been a Rainforest QA Tester since 2014.

Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Saurav
Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Saurav

Saurav has been a Rainforest QA Tester since 2014.

Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Ilaria
Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Ilaria

Ilaria has been a Rainforest QA Tester since 2016.