About Rainforest QA.

Hi! We're Rainforest. We are building a new way to do QA.

We are a distributed company based in San Francisco and the world.

We're making it easier to deploy bug-free websites. We care about helping people to build amazing products. Hey also we're hiring!

We are (and don't judge, we have a selfies only rule):
  • Daniel Acee
    Daniel left Portland, OR to start a new career and life in The Bay Area. When he is not practicing the fine art of Sales, he is out in the wilderness seeking the next great vista or landscape.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Sarah Arcoleo
    Sarah's goal is to take on everything within the Sales Team that isn't directly selling. It's a Sisyphean task that she assumes with a smile. She enjoys beautiful writing, eating outdoors, and a starry night.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Steve Armintrout
    Steve is working to bridge the gap between marketing and sales at Rainforest QA. Originally from Seattle (actual Seattle), he came to the bay area for college and fell in love with SF. Outside of work you can find him skiing, golfing, or lounging at a park with his headphones in and a North Beach sandwich in hand.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Laura Baller
    Laura is head of demand generation. When she's not marketing, you can find her running, listening to podcasts, or playing games. She loves to be outside, trying new things, and puppy gifs are her biggest weakness.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Jonathan Barber
    remote :)
    Jonathan Barber
    Jon is an English coding ops guy living abroad with his wife and kids - when not at the keyboard you can find him hitting people with swords (consensually).
    Porto, Portugal
  • Picture of Paul Barber
    remote :)
    Paul Barber
    Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ryan Basch
    Ryan works on the sales team at Rainforest. He spends his free time watching and playing sports, enjoying beautiful days in the city, and wishing he had a dog.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Jake Biskar
    Jake does sales for Rainforest. He is an Oregonian at heart and loves all things Oregon State. When he's not talking QA you can find him yelling at little kids on the soccer pitch... He calls it coaching.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Sam Blond
    Sam is passionate about making customers successful on Rainforest. He also likes to play golf, ski, eat good food, sleep, and karaoke to gangster rap.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Maddie Blumenthal
    Maddie Blumenthal
    Maddie is a member of the Customer Success squad. A Texas native, Maddie is always on the hunt for the best queso in San Francisco. She has yet to find it.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Charlie Carothers
    Charlie is on the sales team at Rainforest. He is a transplant from the Windy City, Chicago and is loving the San Francisco sun. He enjoys traveling, cooking, and outdoor adventures. More importantly, he loves to ski and is looking forward to being closer to the mountains next winter!
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Joyce Chau
    Joyce Chau
    Joyce is a front end developer and a SF native. She will never turn down a game of Catan, enjoys pigging out with her high school sweetheart, and dreams about having a corgi farm someday.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Wenyi Chin
    Wenyi does strategy and operations for Rainforest. You can catch her reading at a park with a croissant in hand, planning her next world travel, or cheering on the San Antonio Spurs (despite being a Bay Area native). Her latest obsession is iced hot chocolates.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Derek Choy
    Derek Choy
    When Derek is not running engineering at Rainforest, he loves to fly around the country in a small plane, stopping at all the places with good food!
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Paul Cohn
    remote :)
    Paul Cohn
    Paul recently Never-Graduated from Hacker School and fancies himself a full-stack hacker. If he's not making websites or learning something new, he's probably reliving his glory days as a jazz guitarist.
    New York City, USA
  • Picture of Kari Cunard
    Kari Cunard
    Kari hails from Seattle (ish) and has planted herself firmly in SF to sell Rainforest. She is annoyingly optimistic and strongly believes that nothing great was ever accomplished without a potent dose of enthusiasm.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Otávio Dalarossa
    Otávio is on the product team. He enjoys trying new sushi restaurants with his wife, hiking with his dog and making music with friends.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Heather Doshay
    Heather does not love writing about herself in the third person. She does love puppies, Netflix, the avocado, and everything talent + career development.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Ashley Dotterweich
    Ashley writes content for Rainforest and loves finding the stories behind data. When she's not writing she's probably making something else, which is more often than not a batch of cookies.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Jennika Dunbar
    Jennika Dunbar
    Jennika has lived in the Bay Area for almost 6 years, mostly due to its proximity to wine country. She's probably the world’s pickiest eater who somehow manages to always have food in her mouth. Jennika also loves a good pun (the stupider the better). You can usually find her watching sports or reading. Her weekends are always booked.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Christine Dzou
    Christine is the Marketing and Event Coordinator at Rainforest QA. She’s an LA native who aspires to be creative in every aspect of life. She enjoys writing, doodling, and live music.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Curtis Edmond
    remote :)
    Curtis Edmond
    I like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain, and performant test suites.
    Boulder, Colorado
  • Graves Englund
    Graves does sales for Rainforest. On his downtime, Graves enjoys spending time outdoors with friends, exploring all the bay area has to offer, cooking a nice meal and indulging in an overpriced cup of artisan coffee.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Kat Estrera
    Kat wrangles CEOs for a living, the latest being Fred. She's obsessed with photographing San Francisco street art. She used to hang glide, but was grounded years ago due to her unhealthy addiction to cheese. Now her harness doesn't fit.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Emanuel Evans
    Emanuel Evans
    Emanuel is a full stack hacker for Rainforest. He has the best hair on the team, and is a surprisingly talented cellist.
    San Francisco, USA
  • AJ Funk
    AJ is lifelong learner and autodidact with a passion for the unknown. When he’s not obsessively refactoring code, he’s probably at In-N-Out.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Felipe Gallois
    remote :)
    Felipe Gallois
    Felipe is an ops guy who does dev or maybe a dev guy who does ops. From a city in Brazil with more than 40 beaches, you will likely find him surfing during his free time.
    Florianópolis, Brazil
  • Justin Geller
    When Justin is not doing sales for Rainforest you will likely find him hiking, surfing, or enjoying good food with his friends, family, and dog Lucy.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Jan Grodowski
    remote :)
    Jan Grodowski
    Jan does backend engineering at Rainforest. He loves road bicycles, mountain landscapes and the taste of good, pour-over coffee. When not at the keyboard, he’s probably out on another cycling adventure!
    Warsaw, Poland
  • Picture of Maciej Gryka
    remote :)
    Maciej Gryka
    Maciej spends his day nerding out over our data from Potsdam, Germany. He is currently recovering from long years in academia.
    Potsdam, Germany
  • Picture of Kristen Hohenstein
    remote :)
    Kristen Hohenstein
    Kristen focuses on taking care of our tester community. When she's not lording over Zendesk, she's geeking out over the cosmos or dodging gators down South.
    Boston, USA
  • Keshia Hohenstein
    Keshia does sales for Rainforest. She's from a small town in MN, and does not miss those winters. She loves to be outside, trying new things, and bubbly is her biggest weakness.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Ivan Huynh
    Ivan is on the Customer Success team here at Rainforest. Returning to his native San Francisco after studying in the very interesting city of Santa Cruz, you can often find him in small hidden away coffeeshops in the city or eating sushi with his girlfriend. He doesn’t believe in cooking with recipes and enjoys learning songs on the piano even though he can’t read sheet music.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Sophie Hwang
    Sophie works on product design at Rainforest. She loves to cook and learn to do new things, such as woodworking and lettering.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Akhila Iruku
    Akhila keeps customers happy at Rainforest via a strong cup of joe. Challenge her to a game of ultimate frisbee, or even more entertaining, ask her to use an iPhone.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Keith Johnson
    remote :)
    Keith Johnson
    Keith is part of the ops team making sure the tester VMs are happy. Once that's done you'll usually find him enjoying the outdoors trying not to sunburn his head.
    Melbourne, Florida
  • Picture of Jiří Kaipr
    remote :)
    Jiří Kaipr
    Jiri is working on the front end part of the forest. He grew up in the middle of a national park in Czech Republic and loves climbing trees and mushroom picking. Enjoys fooling around with computers since meeting his first 8bit friend.
    District Plzen-City, Czech Republic
  • Picture of Roman Khomenko
    remote :)
    Roman Khomenko
    Roman is an old-school hacker who now tries to make sense of data. When he isn't drawing stats plots with lispy brackets, he just draws stats plots with lispy brackets. So just standard nerdy recursion.
    Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Picture of Wes Kimble
    Wes Kimble
    Wes does sales for Rainforest. He is an East Coast transplant from New Jersey, excited to work in the technology industry in San Francisco. Wes spends his free time finding new brunch spots with friends and supporting all Philadelphia sports teams.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Sam Koekkoek
    Sam does sales at Rainforest QA. He came from Boston via Denver, but loves being on the west coast. When he's not at work he enjoys surfing, skiing, reading, cooking and teaching people how to pronounce his last name (Cook-Cook).
    San Francisco, USA
  • Nadav Kotlarsky
    Nadav is on the product team, making sure we build great products for our customers. Outside of work, Nadav spends most of his time with his family. If he doesn’t play with his daughters, he will most likely watch a basketball game.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of William Leung
    remote :)
    William Leung
    William likes crunching numbers and predicting reality. In Canada. Other times, he's reading a good book or taking a leisurely stroll.
    Ontario, Canada
  • Sharon Li
    Do not be fooled by her friendly exterior - Sharon is the boss. She runs Business Operations at Rainforest and organizes weddings in her spare time.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Alex Lin
    Alex is fired up to join the Rainforest family to help companies solve their QA problems. Alex is a firefighter/paramedic gone tech (yes, you read that correctly). When he's not raving about Rainforest QA, Alex can be found with a good IPA, spending time with his truck, or enjoying the outdoors.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Laci Long
    Laci is the Digital Marketing Manager at Rainforest. When she's not optimizing our website or launching new campaigns you can find her curled up with a good book and a glass of wine.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Jen Lyons
    Jen is a busy mom of two little girls, who are the lights of her life. When she’s not busy “momming”, you can find her at home in the Seattle suburbs eating soup or obsessing over how to get to the next Phish show.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Katherine Mackenzie
    Katherine does sales. She is an East Coast transplant but is firmly rooted in San Francisco now. When she’s not selling Rainforest, she’s running (slowly) in the park, shaking up the Bay Area political scene, or cooking for friends!
    San Francisco, USA
  • Emily Nansen
    Emily grew up in Southern California and just moved to SF. Her new apartment won't let her have a dog, so she can often be found petting random dogs on the street. Emily firmly believes that any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Theo Negri
    Theo Negri
    Theo loves Rails, surfing and eating chips with chopsticks.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Djibril Niang
    Djibril is on the Sales team at Rainforest. Outside of work, you can find him with friends enjoying the numerous bars and restaurants SF has to offer. He also loves to stay active by either playing basketball or surfing.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Rosie O'Brien
    Rosie does sales for Rainforest. She made a move from Montana to San Francisco to start a career for herself. She loves memes, basketball, rap, pugs, and horoscopes. If you ask her, she'll make you the best bloody mary you've ever had.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Siobhan O'Donovan
    remote :)
    Siobhan O'Donovan
    Siobhan hacks on our frontend from beautiful Cape Town. When she's AFK she can be found binge watching Jessica Jones with her cat, or expanding her slightly insane nail polish collection.
    Cape Town, South Africa
  • Picture of Paul Padier
    remote :)
    Paul Padier
    Paul grew up flying back and forth between France and the US and now lives in Tokyo. He loves the feeling when a piece of code just works, when the Mariners don’t blow a 9th inning lead, or when spicy food lights his mouth on fire. He refuses to move back to France until the trains start running on time.
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Edward Paulet
    Edward is a recent grad of AppAcademy and one of our newest developers! He learns very fast. Beware his secretive dry humor.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Adrian Prayogo
    remote :)
    Adrian Prayogo
    Adrian is a front end whizz from Michigan, now living in Hong Kong! Prior to Rainforest he worked on a project called the Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center.
    Hong Kong
  • Kiristen Roland
    Kiristen is on the People Operations team at Rainforest. She is a Bay Area native. When she isn't helping people think through their career goals, she is planning her next hiking trip and daydreaming of Alaskan homesteading.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Dylan Scandalios
    Dylan sells Rainforest. He is a decent crabber man, motorcycle enthusiast, and solo-traveler, who proudly owns an authentic raccoon hat and two comfortable shoes.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of James Shen
    James Shen
    James' mission is to build scalable and predictable growth at Rainforest. When he's not in the office, he can be found exploring the Bay Area hills on his road bike or enjoying a local hiking trail with his adopted Greyhound.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Cameron Sheya
    Cameron does sales. He is a Sacramento native, earning his degree along the sunny beaches of Santa Barbara. He is a food junkie and a sports enthusiast (go Giants!). You can often find him indulging in a fresh pair of socks or eating dessert before dinner.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Maciej Siwek
    remote :)
    Maciej Siwek
    Maciej works on Rainforest's frontend from sunny Whitechapel, London. He's into Free-Jazz, and wrote a GUI for the white-space programming language in JavaScript for 'fun'. Yes, 'fun'.
    London, UK
  • Russell Smith
    Russell has tons of ops experience, mad coding skillz and 0 knowledge of geography. He loves hacking on open source, running meetups and arguing about startups.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Lita Stephenson
    Lita left her former life in science and is now a member of Rainforest’s product team, but she's really only here to support unnecessary luxury goods for her dog, Tiki.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Fred Stevens-Smith
    Fred doesn't consider himself a developer, but really he is. He loves design, coding coffeescript, motorbikes, climbing and photography.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Kim Stites
    I do Revenue Ops and when not reporting or forecasting you can find me at a football field watching my son or cheering on the Golden State Warriors.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Kristina Tran
    Kristina is the Office Manager for the Rainforest crew. She’s an SF native that loves the Warriors and the Giants. She also LOVES food, so she likes to exercise in her spare time so she can eat anything and everything!
    San Francisco, USA
  • Tommy Urich
    Tommy sells the Rainforest dream! When he’s not in the office he can be found enjoying the suburb life with his girlfriend, chasing powder in Tahoe, or playing video games... a little too much.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Yu Usami
    remote :)
    Yu Usami
    Yu is a coding samurai from Japan. His ancestors were actually samurai, but he doesn’t even know how to handle a katana. He loves coffee, jazz and hacking.
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Picture of Nicolas Valcárcel
    remote :)
    Nicolas Valcárcel
    Nicolas hacks on our entire stack from sunny Peru, is a long-time startup nerd and has strong opinions about a lot of things, but really he's a big softie.
    Lima, Peru
  • Ruairi Wiepking
    Ruairi works on the sales team at Rainforest. He spends his free time trying to prevent his dog Otis from terrorizing San Francisco's bird population as well as at the mechanic waiting for his car to be fixed.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Hannah Willson
    Hannah is in sales at Rainforest. When she's not in the office, you can find her always on the move - either running around the streets of San Francisco, or chasing down her two toddlers.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Celia Wong
    Celia is on the Customer Success team. She will never turn down an offer to an Escape game nor an adventure that involves brunch and wine.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Kevin Woods
    Kevin does sales for Rainforest. He’s a San Francisco native, and loves to brag about it. He also loves to travel, eat donuts, and talk about aliens.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Ken Zhang
    Ken is on the sales team. He is a connoisseur of weird foods and boasts he will try anything at least twice.
    San Francisco, USA
  • Picture of Hamza Zia
    remote :)
    Hamza Zia
    Hamza is a full stack hacker at Rainforest. He loves writing code, reading research papers and sometimes relocates to a new place when he starts to feel bored.
    Hong Kong
Where we work from:
Our investors:

We are supported by some of the best in the business. We're lucky to have excellent relationships with our investors. Thanks to them, we know how great an investor can be.

  • Picture of Byron Deeter
    Byron Deeter
  • Picture of Jim Andelman
    Jim Andelman
    Rincon VP
  • Picture of Jason Lemkin
    Jason Lemkin
    Storm Ventures
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    Y Combinator
    Y Combinator
A brief history:

Rainforest was started in early 2012 in London. We moved to Mountain View as part of the Y Combinator Summer 2012 batch, and finally arrived on the idea for Rainforest about 3 weeks before Demo Day, inspired both by our experience of how backwards QA is while consulting, and the near-constant complaints from our YC batchmates about how hard it was to do QA while trying to build a company.

After running a homegrown QA team of 2 founders from our living room for several months we had the blueprint for Rainforest. Since then we've been working towards the mission we committed to that day: to make QA easy and painless for everyone.

Every day thousands of our testers help some of the fastest moving companies figure out what is broken on their sites and applications, and we're just getting started. We believe that the future of software development is about making it easier and easier to focus on exploiting your competitive advantage, and using leveraged, beautifully designed tooling to give small teams the ability to make an outsized impact.

Everyone on the team believes in this mission, and we all get to work on making our own lives better as huge users of Rainforest. If you're excited by the idea of fixing QA, then have a look at our jobs page, we're always hiring!

Come visit us!

We're based in the awesome Embarcadero Center in sunny Financial District, San Francisco.