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Why Rainforest QA?

The way we build software has changed; the way we do QA hasn’t. Rainforest is helping companies rethink QA and bring it into the era of continuous delivery. Our focus is solely QA, and we have spent the last six years helping hundreds of companies hit their business goals through a smart QA strategy.

The right way to do QA

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Focuses on a strategy that automates the QA process (as compared to just the tests).

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Gives you on-demand test execution by real users where they bring the most value.

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Combines test case management, test execution as a service and seamless continuous delivery for QA that is easy to integrate into your workflow.

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Provides a wide breadth of device, browser, and operating system coverage to ensure that you’re testing the configurations your customers care about.

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Leverages machine learning to ensure the highest test accuracy.

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Enables fast results via an easy to use platform and speed in testing (results in under 30 minutes).

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Benefits from a network of QA-focused colleagues and secure sharing of platform data to make tests smarter and more effective over time, and your user experiences best-in-class.

Icon - Scales Up

Scales up and down on demand with your development teams’ needs

Team Impact

  • Eliminate repetitive manual testing
  • Get quality feedback fast
  • Ship fewer bugs
  • No more cost of switching tasks
Team Impact / Enterprise Impact

Enterprise Impact

  • Scale your team’s capacity
  • Keep development resources in development
  • Raise the bar for quality
  • Control costs – get more value

Rainforest QA is an on-demand QA solution. It enables you to discover significantly more problems that affect the customer experience before code hits production. And we enable you to do it at the speed of continuous delivery.

When QA doesn’t live with development, it slows down the cycle and increases risk of bugs being missed. Rainforest integrates bug discovery and functional verification into your dev team’s workflow for faster feedback and fewer bugs.

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Write and run tests from the command line or CI server

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View run status from Slack and Hipchat

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Receive test results directly in bug tracking tools

We’re changing the way teams think about their QA strategies.

Rainforest has been featured as one of Forbes 20 Rising Stars on the Forbes Cloud 100 and as a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ for Application Development Lifecycle Software.

Entrepreneur Top Company Cultures 2017
Forbes 2017 Cloud 100
Gartner Cool Vendor 2016

Join the teams that are moving faster and deploying more confidently with Rainforest:

Reduce total QA time by 30%

See monthly manual QA hours reduced by 100-1000+ hours

Experience annual savings from $800K-3.1M using Rainforest

Rainforest Customers