Regression Testing in One Platform

How do you test fast and maintain your team’s productivity while reducing the heavy costs associated with manual testing today?

Rainforest is Built for CI/CD

The rapid pace of continuous deployment requires a platform that can keep up. Rainforest is engineered for speed and efficiency, so your team spends less time maintaining test suites and managing headcount, and more time hitting your product roadmap.

Diagram explaining how Rainforest is Built for CI/CD
"The bottom line is that after integrating our tests into the Rainforest QA platform, we have been able to run hundreds of tests at the same time, against multiple web browsers, and get quality human-driven results back in under an hour."
Photo of Anthony Putignano, VP Engineering at WizeHive Anthony Putignano, VP Engineering at WizeHive

Cost of QA

Comprehensive testing gets really expensive, really quickly. Hiring an in-house QA team only to have them bottlenecked by time-intensive, menial tasks means high costs and low ROI. Want to compare it to Rainforest's crowdsourced testing? Give our ROI calculator a go:

We have tests, running in browsers, and we deploy times each month.

You could save $??? per year!

“We are saving dollars from our in-house developers, who were previously spending more time testing. Our developers rely on Rainforest to do a lot of testing work for them.”
Photo of Max Spankie, Consumer Affairs Max Spankie, Consumer Affairs


Rainforest hooks into your workflow automatically, including CI/CD tools, communication apps, TCMs and bug trackers. Less integration headaches equals productivity.

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    Rainforest sends results and updates direct to the channel of your choice.

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    Rainforest can add bugs direct to your Jira instance.

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    Add Rainforest as a step in your builds or deployments with a single line of code.

  • Codeship

    Rainforest can be run as a step in your build or your deployments.