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How It Works

Rainforest QA’s Crowdtesting Platform

Create Tests

Rainforest’s natural language testing and helpful features make testing easy.

Write tests in the language you already know

No learning required!

Your team explains features to each other in natural language. Your team already knows how to test in Rainforest.

Fast to get started

Since there’s nothing new to learn, you can start testing within 10 minutes.

Edit tests with one click

Simple to update

Editing a test is as simple as editing text. Because that’s what it is.

Your whole team can edit tests

Editing tests is as simple as editing text, so everyone on your team can be part of the quality process.

Preview your tests to fix issues

Reproduce bugs

Reproducing bugs is a snap when you can use the exact same environment that the tester found the bugs in.

See what your testers see

Sometimes it’s really useful to view your tests from a tester’s perspective, so you can fix ambiguities and instructions.

Test email!


We give every tester a unique random email address, with a corresponding temporary web-based email inbox. So you can test email. Boom!

It’s really, really easy

Don’t believe us? Look on the left: signup emails tested in 55 seconds.

Inject dynamic data into your steps

Random string helper

Rainforest ships with a number of useful helpers including random name, phone number, email and physical address.

Inject dynamic data

Need to have every tester logged into a unique account? Step variables can do that.

Manage Tests

Organize and reuse tests with ease. Built to scale with your organization. Leverage crowdtesting to keep your tests fast and efficient.

Tags help you group tests

Use tags to organize your tests

Tag tests based on feature, when the test should be run, and whatever else you like.

Inject dynamic data

Then run tests based on their tags. For example, run all tests tagged “CI” whenever you deploy.

Reuse your tests to keep things simple

Don’t repeat yourself

Stay DRY by re-using tests.

Keep your site modular

Make refactoring simpler by breaking complex flows into simple component tests.

Full support for multiple Sites and Environments

Organize tests by Site

Sites are like projects. Each test belongs to one site, but can be run against any environment within that site.

Test against Production + Staging

Cover all your bases by running your test suite against Staging when you release, and against Production as a sanity check.

Search and Filters keep you focused


Simple, powerful search helps you find tests wherever they are.

Easily find problem tests

Filter by failed tests to quickly zero in on the tests that need to be refactored.

Get Speedy Results

Waste no time understanding the problems in your app with results in 30 minutes.

Quickly find out what failed and why

Browser breakdown

Tag tests based on feature, when the test should be run, and whatever else you like.

See what your testers see

See the testers’ screens

No more guesswork about how something failed: see for yourself. Every result in Rainforest is backed by multiple screenshots.

Understand what’s going on behind the scenes

See our Quality Control in action

For an even higher level of detail, you can look behind the scenes at how Rainforest decides which results count.


Easily integrate Rainforest testing into your existing tools and workflow.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Rainforest works with CI

With a simple but powerful CLI tool, it’s trivial to integrate Rainforest into the right place in your deployment workflow.

Chat + Rainforest

Hipchat & Slack Integrations

Easily setup notifications from Rainforest to Slack or Hipchat.

Choose what you get notified about

Granular settings make it easy to avoid distraction. Only want to get notified when a run has failed? Easy!

Issue Trackers

Jira and Pivotal Tracker

Rainforest can send bugs straight to your bug tracker of choice.

Granular notification settings

Most customers only want failures piped to their issue tracker, but that’s up to you.

Use our API to do… anything!

First-class API

Everything you see above uses our public API. You can use it too! Whatever you want to do in Rainforest you can do from the command line.