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Rainforest Exploratory Testing

Fresh eyes find fresh bugs. Run on-demand exploratory testing sessions to
catch issues faster.

Exploratory Testing with Rainforest

Rainforest QA is an on-demand QA solution that enables you to discover significantly more problems that affect the customer experience before code hits production and does so at the speed of continuous delivery. With Rainforest QA, you can run on-demand QA at whatever scale with reliable results within minutes.



Recover developer time from hunting down bugs



Gain detailed, reproducible product quality insights in 48 hours



Increase test coverage without bloating your QA workflow

Discover More with Exploratory Testing

Find Bugs

The best of the best are available to help QA your application. Our Exploratory testers represent the top 1% of our community and are experts in their field.

Ship with Confidence

Execute exploratory testing on-demand. Fill the gaps in your testing strategy and spot critical regressions before they reach customers.

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Get the same fast Rainforest VMs without the test scripts. Skilled testers come back for every exploratory session, building domain knowledge for better results every time.

We Support

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On-Demand Testing Environments

On-Demand Testing Environments

With 1Gbps internet connection and SSL encryption, our exploratory testing environments are clean, fast, secure and always available.

Skilled Exploratory Testers

Skilled Exploratory Testers

We select and train our top testers from 60K network for exploratory work. Dedicated testers are on-call to dig into your application, with results in just 48-hours.

Highly Reproducible Results

Highly Reproducible Results

Every test run includes recorded videos and screenshots for tests to easily reproduce issues, as well as detailed bug reports from our testers.

Cross-Platform, Cross-Device Assurance

Cross-Platform, Cross-Device Assurance

From Chrome and IE to iPhone X and Android 8 devices, test across every browser and device you need for a confident release.

Flexible Test Parameters

Flexible Test Parameters

Exploratory tests should yield more than just obvious bugs. Give a little instruction, or a lot — testers go as broad or granular as you need.

Integrates Into Rainforest Platform

Integrates into Rainforest Platform

Keep all your testing activity in the same platform, and easily turn exploratory reports into Rainforest regression tests and keep them from returning.

How Rainforest Exploratory Works


Dedicated Experts

We dedicate the same skillful and experienced testing team to test your application every run, on-demand.


Accurate Input

Input testing parameters for your application into the Rainforest platform.


In-Depth Exploration

Rainforest provides testing parameters and infrastructure and testers search your app to find critical issues.


Detailed Results

Receive detailed results including video, logs, screenshots and a description of each bug found.