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Rainforest QA vs Crowdsourced Testing Solutions

What Rainforest QA Offers

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Why Rainforest QA is Different?

Get Test Results in Minutes, Not Days

Our tester network is available 24/7 for on-demand QA testing, so you can get test results when you need them, whether you need them at 3pm or 3am. We focus on optimizing user test suites to be executed quickly and efficiently, and execute test runs in parallel to ensure that our users get test results in 30 minutes or less.

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Consistently Execute at Scale

While getting feedback from real-world environments is valuable, it doesn’t provide the consistent backdrop for functional and regression testing that teams ultimately need. Rainforest provides consistent testing environments across every single test run unlike other crowdtesting solutions that focus on “in-the-wild” testing.

At Rainforest, our combination of virtual machines and device labs provide a clean slate for every single test. Since these VMs are spun up on demand, availability of testing environments is never an issue. Rainforest offers guaranteed access to every browser in our offering, at any scale.

Integrate QA Testing into Your Workflow

No other solution offers a QA execution process that functions like software and fits seamlessly into the development process.

Rainforest brings quality right into your team’s workflow. Our integrations and API allow teams to manage test cases, kick of runs and review results from the tools they’re already using, for for faster feedback and easier testing.

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Gain Deeper Quality Insights

With Rainforest’s Reporting dashboard, your team can gain visibility into test suite performance and effectively measure the results of your QA process, giving you more confidence in product quality and the insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

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