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Building a Quality Team

Shipping high quality products and features requires a team who is committed to a QA process that delivers results. 

Whether it’s a team of one pulling in help from product and development teams to get the job done, or an army of testers and automation engineers on call to accelerate time to market, building a quality team ensures that your product always has a champion to push it forward.

What does the ideal QA team look like?

The ideal QA team needs to deliver quality insights and feedback required to ship products with confidence. A successful QA team can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but ultimately what matters most is their ability to use the resources they have to push the bar of quality higher.

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  • What Successful Enterprise QA Teams Have in Common: Quality teams can look very different from team to team, but the quality teams at successful organizations have a few traits in common. This article explores what companies like Google, Facebook and Atlassian have in common when it comes to building QA teams that scale.

When should you hire a QA team, and who should be on it?

Growing teams that have made do with ad hoc quality processes eventually reach a tipping point. When it comes time to start creating a more formal QA process and team, you’ll have to decide what your QA team should look like. The skill sets you hire for should complement your larger development strategy and lay the foundation for you to scale testing effectively.

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  • Who Should Your first QA hire be? From QA testers to execute manual tests to automation engineers who can automate test cases and processes, deciding who will have the greatest impact on your quality initiatives can be a hard call to make. This article explores how three growing organizations made the decision to add quality-focused headcount, and why.
  • Qualities to look for in your first QA hire: Akhila Iruku, Rainforest’s Director of Customer Success has helped dozens of teams of all shapes and sizes build their QA teams, starting with the very first person they hire to think about quality. In this post, Akhila weighs in on the traits that help the very best QA hires rise to the top of the crowd.
  • Cracking the Automation Code: Automation is often an early project for ambitious, fast-moving teams, but if implemented too early or too broadly, it can be a major resource sink. This session with Rainforest CIO Derek Choy covers the hidden costs of building out and maintaining automated tests, including the impact that hiring automation engineers will have on your team’s bottom line.

How do you build a successful QA team?

The QA industry is changing rapidly, and the changing face of development processes mean that quality teams need to adapt and change to stay relevant. Building a successful QA team requires creating a framework that empowers its members to excel in their careers and collaborate with the team at large.

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  • Level Up Your QA Team: QA teams do much more than execute tests, and they need the skills that will help them keep pace with the development team’s needs and stay a step ahead on quality initiatives. In this guide, QA team leads from a range of organizations share the skills that high-performing QAs and QEs must foster in order to be successful.
  • Creating an Agile Strategy that Scales with Your Testing Team: In this session Rainforest is joined by QA Automation Engineer Quentin Thomas, to discuss how his team at Bleacher Report changed as the company’s needs changed, and why designing a strategy that fits your team’s makeup is essential to success.
Agile Qa Strategy Scales Team

How do you foster a culture of quality?

QA doesn’t scale in a silo, so whether your QA team is one person or one hundred, ensuring that the organization at large thinks and acts with product quality in mind is essential. By focusing on building a culture of quality that extends beyond your QA team, you can improve product quality overall and keep the time and resource cost of testing down. Check out the links below for examples of successful organizations that have integrated quality into team’s overall processes and strategies.

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  • How to Build a QA Strategy Like Spotify: Spotify experienced explosive growth, and with a massive, global daily user base, they can’t afford to let bugs slip into production. Learn how Spotify has structured their approach to quality to stay close to product goals and make long-term product quality a top priority.
  • What Growing Teams Can Learn about How Google Tests Software: As Google has grown, they’ve had to create a QA strategy that keeps up with the demands of an organization with a huge number of moving pieces to keep track of — from collaborative teams across the world to a shifting landscape of new features and products — while enabling their team to continue innovating across the board. Here are just a few ways that Google has infused its company culture with quality initiatives that don’t feel like QA work.
Twyla Culture Of Quality

Level Up Your QA Process

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