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QA University

Great software quality starts with great QA practices.

Doing QA well remains a major challenge for even the most innovative organizations. For many teams, traditional QA processes and practices drag down the software development lifecycle and can bottleneck production.

Who is QA University for?

This site is designed to be a resource for everyone who owns or participates in the quality initiatives at their organization. Whether you’re a quality engineer looking to solve a particular quality pain point, or a CTO who needs to build up a high-performing QA process from the start, we invite you to explore the resources we’ve curated here.

What is Good QA?

Quality Assurance is considered a necessary evil by some, or the guardian of an organization’s best possible self by others. But the best practices for building a good QA process are hard to pin down, and many teams struggle to build a QA practice that meets their needs. So what is good QA, and how can every team implement it?

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Designing a QA Strategy

A high-quality product starts with a strategic approach to quality assurance. The challenge lies in designing a QA strategy that accounts for the needs of your team while accelerating their ability to achieve their development goals. Here’s what you need to know to build, iterate and improve a QA strategy that will help your team excel.

Explore this section to learn:

  • How do I develop a customized QA strategy?
  • How do I balance quality initiatives with other organizational goals?
  • How should my QA strategy change as we scale?
  • How can I troubleshoot and iterate on my existing QA strategy?
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Building a Quality Team

Shipping high quality products and features requires a team who is committed to a QA process that delivers results. Whether it’s a team of one pulling in help from product and development teams to get the job done, or an army of testers and automation engineers on call to accelerate time to market, building a quality team ensures that your product always has a champion to push it forward.

Explore this section to learn:

  • What does the ideal QA team look like?
  • How do you build a successful QA team?
  • When should you hire a QA team, and who should be on it?
  • How do you a foster a culture of Quality?
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Defining Quality Metrics

Measurement is the key to improvement, but many teams aren’t measuring their quality processes. Including metrics as part of your larger QA strategy ensures that your team will be able to measure, communicate and iterate on quality initiatives.

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Level Up Your QA Process

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