What's Your QA Health Score?

Every organization strives to deliver high quality software to their users, but creating a QA process that ensures that every launch meets the bar can be a challenge. Take the quiz below to see how your team’s QA process measures up to software testing best practices, and learn what you can do to improve your QA Health score!

After you complete the quiz, you’ll get your QA Health score and instant access to this helpful guide to creating an actionable 90-day roadmap to improve your QA process.

About Rainforest QA

Rainforest QA, founded in 2012, is a QA solution built for a world that runs on software. By combining expert QA strategy resources and machine learning with our testing engine, our solution eliminates testing coverage gaps and implement a strategic, proactive approach to quality. Rainforest’s unique approach to QA enables teams to align their QA strategy with business goals, improve the quality of their software and release code faster. Find out more about how Rainforest is changing the way companies ship software at rainforestqa.com