Introducing Rainforest 3.0

A QA platform for a world that runs on software

The Rainforest 3.0 Platform

Our solution empowers teams to take a strategic approach to quality and to automate their QA process, without slowing down deployment.

By combining expert QA strategy resources, crowdsourced execution and AI-based test validation, Rainforest gives your team everything you need to bring your QA process up to speed with your business goals and development needs.

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Completing the QA Ecosystem

In a world that runs on software, product quality matters. But conventional approaches to QA often struggle to keep up with the demands of fast-moving development cycles.

This QA coverage gap can negatively impact product quality, customer satisfaction and revenue goals as time goes on.

In order to keep quality aligned with development goals, teams need a better way to do QA.

The Rainforest Difference

Fast, Highly Reproducible Results

Fast, Highly Reproducible Results

Rainforest provides test results in 30 minutes with everything you need to reproduce issues, from video recordings to browser logs.

End-to-End Visibility Into Quality

End-to-End Visibility into Quality

Gain visibility into the overall health of your application with reports to track key quality metrics and QA performance.

Commitment To Your Success

Commitment to Your Success

We’re more than just an execution platform. Rainforest offers access to QA experts to help you assess and refine your QA strategy.

Our Approach to Better, Faster QA Testing

More than just an execution engine — our approach to testing is based on a QA strategy that fits your team’s goals, and focuses on providing the right coverage and insights to help you achieve the quality you need to be successful.

Solutions for Web and Mobile App Testing

Rainforest supports the browsers and devices that are most critical to your users. Run tests across multiple OS and device environments —in parallel — as frequently as you need.

Clear, Actionable QA Reporting

With Rainforest’s Reporting dashboard, your team can gain visibility into test suite performance and effectively measure the results of your QA process, giving you more confidence in product quality and the insights you need to make data-driven decisions.

Learn More about Rainforest Reporting

Rainforest Qa Reporting Dashboard

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TrendKite Case Study

TrendKite run tests as quickly as a team of 27 full-time testers with Rainforest

“With Rainforest, we’re able to automate the very routine parts of our smoke tests and allow our own testing to be more specialized. We can spend more time focusing on things like user experience and usability testing, to make sure the change is going to make sense to customers.”

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