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Reimagining How QA is Done

Enable Continuous Testing

Rainforest provides a complete solution to level up your QA process, from strategy and test design to execution and reporting. Our platform allows you to maintain fast release cycles without sacrificing quality.

Test Designer
Test Designer

Create your own regression or exploratory tests, or have us do it for you, for a test suite that’s always up to date.

Test Manager
Test Manager

Schedule or execute automated tests on-demand. Review results, export issue reports to issue trackers and easily refactor tests.

Quality Analyzer
Quality Analyzer

Review high-level quality dashboards, provide visibility into test performance and bug reports, and better understand your QA coverage.

Expert Engine
Expert Engine

Access Rainforest’s extensive crowd for test creation, execution and maintenance.

Automation Engine
Automation Engine

Automate test creation and execution to speed up your QA process.

Exaptive Case Study

Exaptive implemented Rainforest to create a scalable, reliable testing process that keeps development resources focused on new features, not fixing bugs.

“I’m able to kick off our whole smoke suite 10x in a single day. I never, ever could have done that with one guy. The scalability of Rainforest is huge.”

– Cory White, Engineering Director at Exaptive

Read the Case Study

Rainforest in Action

Test Automation without the Headache
Get the speed of automation without script management with our proprietary automation language.

Fast, Highly Reproducible Results
Match the speed of development with test results in 30 minutes and everything you need to reproduce issues, from video recordings to browser logs.

Plug QA into the Development Workflow
Gain visibility into the overall health of your application with reports to track key quality metrics and QA performance.

Rainforest QA Workflow

The Flexibility of People, the Speed of Automation

Rainforest Automation and Expert Engines

People are a critical part of any QA strategy. Rainforest provides bandwidth with a virtual team whenever and wherever you need it. A network of thousands of trained testers and trained test authors are ready to support you.

We combine our tester network with the latest automation technologies. Our proprietary automation language allows anyone create and run modular automated test without scripts or code. Get the speed and scalability of automation without the downsides traditional QA automation.

Covers Web & Mobile

Rainforest supports the browsers and devices that are most critical to your users. Run tests across multiple OS and device environments —in parallel — as frequently as you need.

We Support

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