Platform & API Integrations

Automatically integrate Rainforest into your continuous deployment workflow.

Rainforest plays nice with a wide variety of APIs and platforms, seamlessly integrating with your hosted or open source continuous integration platform, bug trackers, TCMs, and more.

Bug Tracking and Project Management

  • JIRA logo


    Manage your Rainforest functional and regression test suite results in the JIRA bug tracking platform.

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  • Pivotal Tracker logo

    Pivotal Tracker

    Manage and share Rainforest test results in the Pivotal Tracker agile project management platform.

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Continuous Integration Tools

  • CircleCI logo


    Integrate with CircleCI, allowing your team to write and run functional tests as a step in your builds or deployments.

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  • Codeship logo


    Integrate with Codeship, enabling your team to write functional tests as a step in your deployments or builds.

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Notifications and Communication

  • Slack logo


    Receive realtime test results and updates directly to your Slack channels.

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  • HipChat logo


    Receive customizable reports of test results directly into your HipChat channels.

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