How Rainforest QA works

Rainforest QA is a software testing platform that allows anyone to run complete end-to-end testing, fast. Whether your product is a desktop SaaS solution, an e-commerce site, or a mobile app, here's how you can release with both speed and quality.

step 1

Write your test,
no coding required.

Testing isn’t technical anymore. Anyone who contributes to product quality can write, run, and manage end-to-end tests on the no-code Rainforest QA platform.

step 2

Select the browser or platform to test

Our scalable infrastructure of virtual machines in the cloud allows you to test web apps or native apps on both desktop and mobile. Choose from a combination of 40+ common browsers and many versions of iOS and Android on mobile simulators and emulators.

Select the browser 
or platform to test

step 3

Run your tests with our automation or tester community

For the fastest results at the lowest cost, run your tests with our proprietary automation software. Or, if you need human subjectivity and feedback, you can run your tests with our community of professional QA testers. Either way, you’ll get reliable, fast results.

Run your tests with our automation or tester community

step 4

Get detailed results in minutes

All tests run simultaneously, so you’ll get detailed test results in as little as a few minutes. QA becomes a seamless part of your release workflow—fast enough to integrate with your CI/CD process via our API, CLI, CircleCI Orb, or Github Action.

Get detailed results 
in minutes

step 5

Triage with detailed test results

Test results come with everything you need to reproduce and triage test failures: video recordings, screenshots, HTTP logs, and more.

Triage with detailed test results

“I can hire two or three good QA people and they can act with the power of five or six, just by using Rainforest.”

Ben Smith
Director of Engineering

“Tests that would take our in-house manual team two or three days can be executed by Rainforest testers in less than a couple of hours.”

Andrew Bilsland
QA Team Lead

“We wouldn't be doing CI/CD the way we are now without Rainforest's automated QA backbone.”

Clay Jones
TPM Engineer

“Innovative approach to QA that allowed us to get coverage in record time.”

James Kleinschnitz
Chief Technology Officer
Leader In
Software Testing
Leader In
Leader In
Test Automation

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