Flexible & scalable software testing to help your team.

In times of economic uncertainty, companies need total flexibility and decreased risk. Rainforest now has zero-commitment plans to make it easier to quickly adjust your QA budget, freeing up budget for where it’s needed most.

We believe that Rainforest is the best way to balance investing in quality without impacting headcount.

No-code automated tests created with Rainforest Automation and our visual test creator interface mean that anyone on your team can make fast, effective automated tests that fit into your release workflow.

Pay as you Go for QA

There’s never been a greater need for contracting flexibility, so that your team can get get access to the key components of world class QA, without making a long-term commitment Starting at $200 per month, with no annual contract.

Spend only on what you use, and cancel any time.

Spin up or spin down testing as needed, and keep your team lean and efficient by using the Rainforest testing crowd to do test writing and maintenance, and offload test execution to the crowd or our automation bots.

Transparent hourly pricing that your finance team will love.
Free up your focus and budgets for your most critical initiatives.

The tools you need to transform your QA process and department

One platform for your entire team to create and manage tests that can be kicked off anytime, anywhere. Transform your QA department depending on what your dev team needs most.

Run your tests 24/7 against against our global crowd or Rainforest Automation. World-class testing infrastructure with comprehensive reporting so your team can quickly triage bugs. All core browsers and OSs supported out of the box. Exploratory bug hunts included.

No-code testing

Flexibly scale your existing team with the help of no-code quality assurance.

No-code testing means that everyone on your team can help. Now more than ever we need a cross-functional approach to quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a company we’ve either made headcount or project cuts - how can we invest in Rainforest?

Only your customers can decide how important quality is to your product. Once you’re at that decision point, we’ve made it as easy as possible to spin up a world-class QA infrastructure, workflow and team without any annual commitments, any long-term contracts, and with a tiny initial spend.

We have no idea what revenue is going to look like over the next 12 months, can this help us cut costs?

Uncertainty about the future is a great reason to look into increasing optionality throughout your toolchain. All of us will be sunsetting certain projects, spinning up new ones, and overall dealing with uncertainty and chaos over the coming quarters. This may be a good time to transform large one-off expenses into monthly spend that your team can flex up and down as needed.

We are dealing with a new remote culture that is disrupting our previous processes, how quickly can we get started?

Let us be the first to welcome you to the wonderful world of distributed teams! While this may be a temporary arrangement for now, let us assure you that this is the future. Rainforest is a single source of truth built by and for distributed teams, which makes it very easy to slot Rainforest into your new remote reality.

How much do we have to commit to? Finance has put a frozen all new spending!

Rainforest is pay as you go to provide flexibility. With many of us focused on maintaining the level of value that our customers expect but with less resources, the minimal level of spend needed to get up and running can all be done on a company credit card.

How can Rainforest help with new Covid-19 related projects that have been spun up for the next 3-6 months?

Thank you for doing your bit to help. We’re experts at getting QA off the ground on new projects, and our flexible pricing makes it easy to keep time and resource investment into quality low until you start scaling.