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“Rainforest lets us move faster by allowing us to keep more of our budget on feature development instead of feature verification.”

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  • 27x faster: Rainforest allows TrendKite run tests as quickly as a team of 27 full-time testers
  • $3.1M: TrendKite saves approx $3.1M annually on QA costs with Rainforest
  • 269 hours saved per month running tests with Rainforest

TrendKite builds PR analytics software to help businesses manage their Public Relations and earned media coverage. Their team of developers has a strong culture of developing rapidly while owning the quality of the product, and are responsible for their own QA through code reviews, automated testing, and regression testing. But as the company scales up its customer count, sales, code base, and team, regression testing was becoming a major bottleneck to their fast-paced continuous delivery cadence.

Since implementing Rainforest, much of the regression testing that had been done in-house manually by TrendKite can be executed by Rainforest’s network of testers. The approval process for code to move from staging into production now includes passing a series of regression tests in Rainforest.
As a result, TrendKite has been able to improve the speed of testing during development, while having the assurance that their tests are reliable and consistent. We spoke with David Perdue, VP of Development at TrendKite, about how Rainforest has helped TrendKite resolve their regression testing pain points.

Removing the QA Bottleneck for Trendkite’s Growing Team

Oftentimes, development teams can experience a drop in quality and a slowing of delivery cadence as their product becomes more complex and the team of developers working on it expands. TrendKite wanted to ensure that as they continued to expand their codebase, new features and functionality would not unexpectedly break things.

David told us, “We move very fast, and before Rainforest we found that there was a bottleneck in getting the final regression testing done. With a growing codebase you know to test around what you’re changing directly, but a lot of times — especially with a growing development team — it’s not always clear what side effects you may be introducing.”
With Rainforest, TrendKite can run suites of regression tests as frequently as necessary. Results are returned in about 30 minutes, keeping regression testing from becoming a time-intensive bottleneck for developers even as TrendKite scales up the development team.

Cross-browser and Cross-Device Regression Testing

Test coverage has also been improved by Rainforest. “Before Rainforest, covering all browsers was a major challenge. Now we can get multi-browser support on every test run. That’s allowed us to catch problems that are introduced cross-browser. And with Rainforest’s screenshot capability we’re able to see what something looks like across multiple browsers without going to the trouble of installing it or remembering to run it in each browser.”
In addition to extending the scope of their QA testing, TrendKite has gained the assurance that their test suites are run consistently each and every time. David adds, “With Rainforest you don’t have to worry about shortcuts being taken in regression testing. It runs to completion with every push that we do. That allows us to have a bit more peace of mind that we are doing the fundamental regression tests that we want to make sure that we do before we deploy.”

Leveraging Rainforest Frees Up TrendKite’s Developers to Focus on Product

David explained that since implementing Rainforest, TrendKite’s team has been able to focus their own testing efforts on more complex challenges, while letting Rainforest take care of more repetitive regression tests. “With Rainforest, we’re able to automate the very routine parts of our smoke tests and allow our own testing to be more specialized. We can spend more time focusing on things like user experience and usability testing, to make sure the change is going to make sense to customers.”
Rainforest has alleviated many of the QA growing pains that fast-moving companies often experience when scaling up. Using Rainforest for regression testing has allowed TrendKite to focus on moving forward and improving their product, rather than wasting time on repetitive manual QA activities. “Rainforest lets us move faster by allowing us to keep more of our budget on feature development instead of feature verification.”

Name TrendKite
URL http://www.trendkite.com/
Industry Analytics
HQ Austin, TX
Funding $20.9 M
Employees 101 – 250
Founded 2012