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Poll Everywhere

“Rainforest Exploratory allows us to find bugs quickly, deploy faster and ship code with more confidence.”

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  • 17:1 QA Ratio: One full-time QA engineer to support a team of 17 developers at Poll Everywhere
  • 75 New Bugs Found: Poll Everywhere has found over 75 new bugs using Rainforest Exploratory testing
  • 2X Test Coverage: Poll Everywhere increased their regression testing coverage by 104% using Rainforest Exploratory

Poll Everywhere’s online audience response system lets users gather real-time audience and classroom feedback via mobile phones. In order to continually provide a stronger, more engaging product, the development team practices continuous integration and deploys multiple times daily. While the company has recently added a QA engineer as their first full-time QA hire, they’re committed to keeping quality a developer-owned discipline. “We try to keep our QA team small because we want our developers to test their own work,” says Brian Goodman, product manager at Poll Everywhere.

To keep their testing leaner and more effective, Poll Everywhere has been using Rainforest regression testing for over two years. They have used Rainforest primarily to manage critical “happy path” tests, allowing Brian and Poll Everywhere’s developers to spend less time on manual testing activities. But as Poll Everywhere prepared to launch several significant projects, they found the need to further expand test coverage without adding headcount.

Scalable Test Coverage to Keep Up with Rapid Growth

Brian turned to Rainforest Exploratory to help tackle Poll Everywhere’s growing testing needs. His goal was to maximize test coverage in a scalable way on several important new features: “Ramping up testing for these projects would have required me to come up with a set of new regression tests for features that were apt to change at any moment. I didn’t want to be writing and rewriting lots of tests while we’re still in development phase, where the UX could change dramatically.”

Rainforest Exploratory leverages elite Rainforest testers to explore applications and discover bugs and other issues. In under 72 hours, the testers provide documentation of any issues found and video recording of the test execution, as well as fully scripted Rainforest regression tests for easy replication. By implementing Rainforest Exploratory, Poll Everywhere can build flexible test cases for new features and identify bugs without taking key team members away from other projects. “Rainforest Exploratory lets us gather quick feedback on areas for which we didn’t didn’t have the bandwidth to do a lot of manual testing before,” says Brian.

Adding a Fresh Perspective to Testing Processes

Developer-owned testing can often hold risks of developer burnout. Rainforest Exploratory’s crowdsourced testers helps Poll Everywhere avoid testing fatigue and prevents potential issues from slipping through the cracks. “Rainforest Exploratory testing helps us get someone who has not seen any of this before in front of the feature,” says Brian. “They’re familiar with the project because it’s usually the same set of testers, but they have fresher eyes, and they’re looking at it with a new perspective.”

This fresh perspective has allowed Poll Everywhere to improve the efficacy of their testing processes. “We use Rainforest Exploratory to catch edge cases and find issues that we’re missing in our day-to-day testing,” Brian told us. For one recent project, Rainforest Exploratory has surfaced 36 previously unknown bugs for Poll Everywhere, allowing the team to address those issues before deploying the new feature.

Faster, More Confident Deployments with Rainforest Exploratory

As a result of adding Rainforest Exploratory to their QA strategy, Poll Everywhere can now spend less time on testing without sacrificing confidence in the quality of their product. Brian and his team get the benefits of having access to an on-demand QA team without adding headcount or pulling team members from other projects. “Rainforest Exploratory helps us speed up deployment. I don’t need to bring in other people from within the company to do smoke and sanity tests. My confidence is higher and we can ship out earlier,” says Brian.

Name Poll Everywhere
URL https://www.polleverywhere.com/
Industry Audience Response Systems
HQ San Francisco, CA
Funding $20K Seed
Employees 11 – 50
Founded 2008