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“Any Rainforest test case that we write becomes extremely efficient over time. We’re saving 25-30% of our QA time by leveraging Rainforest.”

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  • Complex mobile app testing was taking too long for lean QA and development team.
  • Jitjatjo can execute tests against iOS and Android environments in parallel.
  • Jitjatjo reduces total QA time by 25-30% with Rainforest QA.

Scaling Mobile Testing for a Lean, Distributed Team

Jitjatjo is an on-demand mobile marketplace app for iOS and Android that provides instant, intelligently matched, temporary staffing. Like many teams building mobile applications, Jitjatjo found creating an efficient QA testing process challenging. They have a small, distributed development team and just one QA engineer to support every version of their platform. In order to keep his team as efficient as possible, Dominic Esposito, Jitjatjo’s Head of Product, needed a scalable QA solution to streamline and optimize testing activities.

In the past, Jitjatjo used another crowdtesting solution to supplement their in-house bandwidth. But this solution required too much time to spin up, without providing long-term quality gains for Jitjatjo’s in-house team. “Other crowdtesting solutions gave us access to a lot of testers, but not in a smart way,” Dominic told us. “They needed a lot of support on the project, without us gaining any more efficiency over time. By using Rainforest, we don’t have to ramp up our QA resources continuously. That saves us a ton of money.”

Rainforest Provides a Mobile Testing Process that Saves Increasing Resources Over Time

Rainforest helps alleviate some of the key challenges of mobile app testing, such as geolocation and device and OS fragmentation. For example, Jitjatjo runs tests for iOS and Android on both the worker- and business-facing versions of their application, which is repetitive and time-consuming to execute manually. Their implementation of Rainforest is optimized for the most efficient, repeatable use of tests possible, relying heavily on the embedded tests feature in Rainforest. One such test, the workflow to book a worker, is used across 100+ discrete test cases. By using embedded tests, Jitjatjo can rapidly update their entire test suite when their application changes, ensuring that their tests are always accurate for both iOS and Android.

By leveraging Rainforest, Jitjatjo can recover time and resources that would otherwise be allocated to testing: “Rainforest supports our entire quality process. With Rainforest, we’re able to invest 2-3 hours creating individual test cases that bring ongoing benefits for everyone, from our developers to our QA engineer.”

Jitjatjo starts testing as early as possible in the development cycle. Their QA engineer begins writing Rainforest tests as soon as the product spec is ready, in parallel with the design phase. “Each JIRA ticket, when it goes into a sprint, must have a Rainforest test associated with it,” says Dominic. “The developers use the test criteria to help understand what we need from the feature.” Tests are edited and refined after the code is written to keep them aligned with the actual feature.

The Rainforest platform has also helped bring Jitjatjo’s developers closer to quality processes. Tests are exposed to developers early on, giving the team better insight into the acceptance criteria and allowing them to troubleshoot regressions and other issues more efficiently. “Rainforest has forced us to prioritize and invest in test case writing, which has made a huge impact on our development team,” says Dominic.

Amazon Device Farm and Rainforest Mobile VMs Deliver Rapid, Comprehensive Feedback

Rainforest’s combination of mobile device virtual machines (VMs) and Amazon Device Farm uniquely enables Jitjatjo to run accurate functional tests quickly and inexpensively. Dominic explains, “Being able to test on Amazon Device Farm is really important. Emulation only gets you so far, so having the ability to use real devices with Rainforest as well is key.”

Leveraging Rainforest has allowed Jitjatjo to streamline their QA efforts significantly. Once tests aren written, they are highly reusable: “Rainforest allows us to create a test that we can run over and over. Any time we want to test that flow, we gain the efficiencies back,” Dominic says, “Any Rainforest test case that we write becomes extremely efficient. We’re saving 25-30% of our QA time by leveraging Rainforest.”

Name Jitjatjo
URL http://www.jitjatjo.com/index
Industry Hospitality, Mobile Apps
HQ New York, New York
Funding Seed
Employees 11-50
Founded 2016