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“Rainforest supports our team to increase the speed of throughput. One of our solutions offerings takes 2-3 days to test from end-to-end, with Rainforest we can test to the same quality, if not better, in a matter of hours.”

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huumun leverages Rainforest to meet client demands for a high bar for quality while speeding up testing cycles and reducing repetitive work for their in-house QC team. huumun is a digital transformation agency, specializing in helping clients in the pharma and life sciences industry adopt and onboard digital media within their workflows and businesses.

To learn more about their QA process and how huumun’s Quality Control team leverages Rainforest, we sat down with Colin Halliday, Solutions Development and Quality Director, and Andrew Bilsland, team lead for the Quality Control (QC) team.

The Problem

Meeting the High Bar for Quality at Scale

Like many organizations, huumun finds that their clients are moving faster than ever. End users have high expectations of their software, and development teams must continually produce new or updated high-quality features. “We needed a way to extend the team’s capacity, whilst maintaining tight control over the QA process,” says Colin.

The Solution

Extending Bandwidth with Scalable Test Management

To enable the Quality Control (QC) team to keep pace with clients’ needs, huumun turned to Rainforest. The team begins each QA cycle by capturing testing requirements and documenting them as test cases in Rainforest. Tests are executed in Rainforest, which returns results in around 30 minutes. Results are then triaged by huumun’s QC team. Bugs found are exported to JIRA for developers to fix, and the cycle is repeated until the feature is ready to ship. “Our developers like the format in which Rainforest exports bugs, which includes links to videos of how the bug was produced directly within the log,” says Andrew of Rainforest’s test results, which also include mouse movements and subjective feedback from testers.

Building Test Coverage More Effectively

The QC team offloads ongoing test maintenance using the Rainforest Test Designer. “We make regular updates for our clients, which means regular testing is needed. By harnessing Rainforest Test Designer we can press ‘play’ on any project, and quickly have the results for us to triage throughout the team. This has been a game-changer when it comes to internal resourcing,” says Colin.

Offloading repetitive testing activities allows the huumun team to focus on high-value tasks like building out coverage and UX testing. Rainforest has also proven to be an efficient solution for testing responsive applications by using “Draft” mode. “The Draft feature is a particular favorite of the team,” says Andrew. “We can use a copy of the test case for the desktop app and kick it off to get feedback for the tablet UI. Draft is a lot quicker to come back with optimization hints to help us develop robust test scripts. It’s a much smoother process for scripting tests.”

Access to On-Demand Exploratory Testing

huumun also leverages Rainforest’s Exploratory testing functionality to increase test coverage and find unknown issues. Because Rainforest is available on-demand, huumun can continue to gather product quality feedback even while their in-house team is offline. “Often, we apply bug fixes and new features at the end of the week,“ says Andrew. “It’s fantastic to have bug reports from the Rainforest Exploratory team for these releases ready and waiting to be actioned. The flexibility Rainforest provides for bug exploration and writing test scripts helps us to continually maximize productivity.”

The Benefits

Increasing QA Speed and Capacity

Colin says that Rainforest has accelerated the team’s QA cycles significantly: “Rainforest supports our team to increase the speed of throughput. One of our solutions offerings takes 2-3 days to test from end-to-end, with Rainforest we can test to the same quality, if not better, in a matter of hours.” Colin also notes that Rainforest has allowed the team to become metrics-driven with their QA strategy. Rainforest gives the team more control over the speed of their QA cycles, enabling them to focus on increasing their efficacy overall. “Using Rainforest has put speed and process at the top of our KPI list,” says Colin.

Name huumun
URL https://www.huumun.com/
Industry Application Development, Life Sciences
HQ London, UK
Founded 2003

More Than a QA Platform

“The benefit of Rainforest is more for us than just the platform. Every single engagement we have had with Rainforest, we have been treated as partners and colleagues.

The entire onboarding process has been amazing, and Rainforest’s customer support has been fantastic as well.”

– Colin Halliday, Solutions Development and Quality Director