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“Rainforest allows us to continually, incrementally build on our QA processes without sacrificing time.”

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  • No In-House QA: Rainforest has allowed Guru to avoid hiring a single dedicated in-house QA manager.
  • Workflow Integrations: Guru’s developers own code quality, and use Rainforest DevX and Slack integration to streamline testing processes.
  • 114 hours saved monthly: Guru saves approximately 114 hours in manual testing time each month with Rainforest.

Guru is a knowledge management solution that helps teams capture and share the knowledge they need, and access it easily everywhere they work. With a team focused on innovation, Guru constantly releases new features. For each launch, they must ensure that their user base does not experience a dip in quality. By integrating Rainforest QA into their regression testing process, Guru has been able to stay focused on scaling and building their product, rather than scaling their team. “Rainforest allows us to continually, incrementally build on our QA processes without sacrificing time,” says Guru CTO Mitch Stewart.

Creating QA Processes without a QA Team

Before Rainforest, Guru managed quality by pulling their entire team — from development to sales — to test features before release. “When you’re small, it works fine. It’s a little bit of a burden across everyone to test, but the process wasn’t managed all that intensely,” says Mitch. But as Guru began to scale, Mitch knew that he wanted to invest heavily in automated testing to avoid creating bloated QA processes.

As he explored ways to evolve Guru’s testing processes, Mitch’s goal was avoiding having to hire a QA manager. In Rainforest, Guru found a way to expand testing without having to build and manage an in-house QA team. As a result, Guru could keep development lightweight and effective. “When we discovered Rainforest, we realized we could turn everyone here into a tester just by having them write the tests that would then be run via Rainforest,” says Mitch.

Using Rainforest DevX for Faster Testing Workflows

Guru leverages Rainforest to enable developers to own their own testing process. “We have all the developers invested in writing their tests, running them, and keeping them up to date. There’s a lot more accountability when it comes to developing a feature or writing code,” says Mitch. In addition to giving developers an effective way to stay accountable for their own code quality, Rainforest helps speed up testing processes overall. Rainforest returns regression test results in around 30 minutes.

The team has recently migrated from writing Rainforest tests in the Dashboard to Rainforest DevX. DevX allows developers to write and update Rainforest tests from their code editor. By using DevX and interacting with Rainforest via command line interface (CLI), engineers can seamlessly integrate Rainforest into their processes without leaving their workflow. Mitch told us how DevX has impacted Guru’s approach to developer-owned testing: “Our devs realized that they wouldn’t have to leave their code editor to write a test for something they had just developed. It was a lightbulb in all our heads that allowed us to shorten the cycle between writing code and writing the tests that go along with that code. Rainforest DevX makes it a lot easier to maintain and refactor our tests.”

Integrating Rainforest Bug Alerts with Slack

In order to further streamline testing, Rainforest test results are also integrated into Slack. This integration allows developers to get rapid alerts for any bugs found by their tests, and address them quickly. “Any issue that Rainforest testers find gets reported into a Slack channel that all the developers are on. That sparks an investigation to figure out what the problem is and fix that bug,” Mitch says.

Staying Focus on Innovation While Maintaining Quality

“Rainforest been an integral part of our product success,” says Mitch. Rainforest provides a layer of confidence that every release is up to Guru’s standards, without requiring Mitch to tap into the larger team at Guru for manual testing. That allows the team to focus on pushing their product forward and continually innovating. “We always use Rainforest as our measuring stick to make sure that what we’re releasing is high-quality. Once all our tests pass, we know that we have a good, solid release.”

Name Guru
URL https://www.getguru.com/
Industry Knowledge Management Software
HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Funding $6.4M
Employees 11 – 50
Founded 2013