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Consumer Affairs

“Rainforest has become our functional QA department.”

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  • 30x faster: Rainforest lets ConsumerAffairs run tests as quickly as a team of 30 full-time testers
  • 557 hours saved per month running tests with Rainforest
  • ConsumerAffairs saves approximately $1.3M annually on QA costs with Rainforest

ConsumerAffairs Tests Extensive, Highly Visual Website with Rainforest QA’s Crowdsourced Testing Platform

ConsumerAffairs is a consumer news and advocacy organization. They maintain a growing website with tens of thousands of pages of consumer reviews, news and recall information. ConsumerAffairs doesn’t have an in-house QA team, and in the past they’ve relied on developer-run automated testing to maintain quality on the backend.

As ConsumerAffairs has grown, their quality assurance needs have outstripped their in-house bandwidth. They found that QA was becoming very time consuming, with developers spending hours on cross-browser testing with each deployment.

A Fast Solution for Functional QA

ConsumerAffairs’ extensive website is highly visual, and each page must be tested for visual bugs and problems across multiple browsers. Using Rainforest, ConsumerAffairs can test multiple pages across multiple browsers simultaneously, and get results in about 30 minutes.

This allows developers to offload extensive QA tests onto the platform so they can spend more time on development projects. “Rainforest has become our functional QA department,” says Max Spankie, a software engineer at ConsumerAffairs.

Putting Dev Resources Back on Development

The engineering team owns QA at ConsumerAffairs, and it was important that a QA solution fit into their workflow seamlessly. Currently, ConsumerAffairs has one product manager who manages and prioritizes tests in Rainforest and then interfaces with other PMs and developers to ensure that high-priority tests are being run on time.

By using Rainforest, ConsumerAffairs has been able to keep their existing team lean while increasing efficiency. “We haven’t had to put a lot of resources on our end to supplementing our existing team,” Max told us. “Every time our developers want to push something it goes to our staging environment. Rainforest results are imported to Slack, and we get results in as little as 15 minutes.”

Improve Product Quality with Tester Feedback

A major point of attraction for ConsumerAffairs to Rainforest was the fact that the QA platform relies on human testers to run tests. “One of the most significant benefits of Rainforest is the feedback we get from testers,” says Max. “The comments we get from testers are the most valuable pieces of data we have for improving the quality of our product.”

Discover UX Issues

Additionally, Rainforest’s natural language test-writing helps ConsumersAffairs’ development gauge product usability. “We realized that if it takes too much effort to write a test that the testers will understand, that’s a red flag for us about the usability of that feature.”

Better Code Quality with Rainforest QA

Rainforest has had a considerable impact on the overall QA costs and speed of ConsumerAffairs. “We are saving dollars from our in-house developers, who were previously spending more time testing. Our developers rely on Rainforest to do a lot of testing work for them.”

ConsumerAffairs’ production quality has also benefited from implementing Rainforest. “I’ve noticed a lot fewer problems when we push,” says Max. “Since we’ve been using Rainforest the whole team has embraced it. Rainforest has been a great way to supplement our QA activities, and the benefit for the cost is a win.”

Name Consumer Affairs
URL http://www.consumeraffairs.com/
Industry E-Commerce
HQ Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Funding Bootstrapped
Employees 51 – 100
Founded 1998