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Name Avant
URL https://www.avant.com/
Industry Finance
HQ Chicago, IL
Funding $654 M
Employees 500-1000
Founded 2012

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Avant Ensures Comprehensive Cross-Browser Coverage for Finance Web Application with Rainforest

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  • 8x faster: Rainforest lets Avant run tests as quickly as a team of 8 full-time testers
  • 948 hours saved per month running tests with Rainforest
  • $800K saved: Avant saves approximately $800K annually over equivalent in-house QA costs with Rainforest

Avant Ensures Comprehensive Cross-Browser Coverage for Finance Web Application

Avant is changing the way people borrow by providing access to quick, competitive online loans. Comprehensive QA testing helps ensure that Avant’s financial tools live up to their customers’ high expectations for quality and security. However, while Avant’s existing QA coverage included extensive unit tests and testing in staging, they wanted to have more exhaustive testing in production.

Avant implemented Rainforest QA to help improve test coverage in 2015. Since then, Rainforest has become a critical part of their quality assurance process. The development team runs tests in Rainforest right after code is deployed into production, as the final safety net against bugs in production.

Comprehensive Cross-Browser Coverage with Every Deploy

Otávio Dalarossa, a product manager at Avant, explained that using Rainforest has given Avant’s existing QA activities a boost by bridging the gap between unit tests and testing automation.

“With Rainforest, you have dozens of people physically going through your application and testing things out within minutes. Most of the time you can’t physically do that, especially across dozens of browsers, devices and resolutions. It creates an additional layer of stability to catch things that unit tests may not explicitly cover, and that might be too expensive to create fully automated tests for.”

Avant has also found the extensive array of browser virtual machines (VMs) useful in developing new features. To facilitate testing for a specific internal feature that runs on Ubuntu, Rainforest built a customized Ubuntu VM for Avant.

Otávio says, “It’s really helpful to be able to preview the test in different browsers and VMs. I can test something that’s not yet in production and play around with it in different browsers. Not everyone has an Ubuntu machine to test things on, so having a VM available for testing is a big benefit.” Rainforest’s VMs have given Avant access to a flexible, browser-agnostic testing force, letting them avoid the challenge and expense of providing specific browsers and devices to various teams for QA testing.

Pinpoint Bugs with Rainforest Test Screenshots

Rainforest’s comprehensive test tracking has also been an indispensable asset to Avant’s regression testing. With detailed reports of each test run that include screenshots of every step in the test, Rainforest provides important visual feedback on how Avant’s platform looks and functions every time they run a test.

Every tester action in each Rainforest test is recorded with a screenshot for every step, allowing Avant to review exactly what the tester did and saw. This has empowered Avant to pinpoint bugs and issues more efficiently than before. Otávio adds, “It’s a big relief to know that there’s a dedicated army of testers going at it every day, and we can look at all the screenshots [of our product] after each test run if we encounter any issues.”

World-Class Support from the Rainforest Success Team

Avant also found that Rainforest’s customer success team played an integral part in implementing Rainforest to improve test quality. Otávio told us, “The quality of customer service at Rainforest is one of the best I’ve ever interacted with. You get the amazing benefit of working with a dedicated customer success team. If I have an issue, I get a response right away. If I have a question I get not just an answer, but an enthusiastic answer and a willingness to go above and beyond.”

Rainforest’s intensive onboarding process and hands-on approach to providing customer support has allowed Avant to leverage Rainforest as efficiently as possible from the start. With support from the customer success team at Rainforest, Avant was able to see fast results from the Rainforest platform.

“Pretty immediately we saw results in the sense that we were able to test key parts of our web app on mobile and desktop across a lot of different browsers every day and time those tests based on our deploys” says Otavio. “It felt great to have so many people manually testing our website without having to invest resources in hiring a dedicated team to do so.”"