Rainforest returned to AWS re:Invent last month, with CTO and co-founder Russell Smith hosting a breakout session about crowdsourcing work with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Managing a Crowdsourced Testing Workforce

Before creating our own global community of QA specialists, Rainforest relied on Amazon Mechanical Turk to crowdsource regression testing and provide customers with fast, reliable results.

In his talk at re:Invent, Russ discussed how organizations like Rainforest leverage Mechanical Turk to execute manual tasks that cannot be easily automated. He shares the Rainforest team’s best practices for keeping a crowdsourced testing workforce happy and productive, as well as our strategy for optimizing crowdsourced work quality.

Watch the Breakout Session

Check out the entire re:Invent session to discover what Russ had to say about getting the most out of a crowdsourced testing workforce at Rainforest: