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Getting the Most Out of Rainforest Draft Mode

We know that QA testing often ends up being largely an exercise in test writing and maintenance. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Draft Mode, a new state for test cases designed to help teams develop stronger, more valuable test cases and organize their test suite more efficiently.

New test cases start out in Draft Mode, where you craft your test and get quick feedback from our expert testers. Once validated, you can publish - knowing that your test is accurately written and ready to provide you QA coverage.

Draft Mode represents a big change to the way Rainforest users create and manage test cases. Today, we’re highlighting three ways that teams can use Draft Mode to improve the QA testing workflow.

Three Ways to Leverage Draft Mode

1. Get a Second Informed Perspective on Your Test Quality

The main goal of Rainforest testers during draft runs is to provide feedback on the test case itself. Draft mode tests focus specifically on validating the accuracy and clarity of the tests, and providing feedback on test instructions. Testers feedback show up on the comments sidebar in the test view, adjacent to the step making it easy for you to act on it and improve your test.

By executing tests in Draft Mode, you’ll gather feedback on if your test is unclear or ambiguous. As a result, you’ll be able to fix any points of confusion before you need to rely on those test results.

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2. Collaborate With Your Team

Draft Mode is a great way to build a more collaborative testing workflow for your team. Draft Mode provides a clearer state for working on tests that may need editing or approval before they’re ready to run, and reduce the chances that incomplete or unreviewed test cases are accidentally executed.

Since Draft Mode is compatible with developer tools like DevX and the Rainforest CLI, Draft Mode also makes working with developers to write preliminary test cases early in the development process easier.

3. Keep Your Test Suite Clean

A healthy test suite is a dynamic one. At any given time you’re likely to have tests that are stable and running green, tests that need to be refactored, and new tests that are still shaping up. All that movement can lead to a cluttered, confusing test suite.

Draft Mode enables you to organize your test suite for a clearer test management workflow. To view draft tests, use the new “Draft Tests” view below “All Tests”. This is your new landing page for tests that are in the process of being written for the first time or being updated.

rainforest draft mode draft tests view

Getting Started with Draft Mode

You automatically have access to Draft Mode and can start using this intuitive and powerful enhancement the very next time you log in. If you do have additional questions - please see the support documents. You may also contact your CSM if you have any specific questions.

What is rainforest?

Rainforest is a unified platform for software testing. Quickly build no code QA tests that can be run with automated or crowd execution. Works across browsers, platforms, and mobile.