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Is Your QA Team Ready for iOS 12? Introducing Rainforest iOS 12 Virtual Machines

The release of iOS 12 makes today an exciting day for Apple product users. iOS 12 includes a number of exciting new features -- expanded Animojis, better camera functionality, improved access to Siri for 3rd party apps, and more. But every iOS launch is a bit of a mixed bag; previous releases have always had their share of bugs and other issues that impact user experience.

As a result, there’s never a more important mobile developers to have a strong QA process than right after a major iOS release. That’s why today we’re excited to introduce iOS 12 QA testing capabilities to the Rainforest platform.

The Impact of iOS Updates on Application Developers

The release of every new version of iOS can span everything from the SDKs that applications rely on for basic functionality, to the visual appearance of the UI. While these changes won’t necessarily be catastrophic for app developers, there’s always a chance that they will impact the performance of third party applications.

Additionally, there are a number of new features and functionality for iOS 12 for which app developers may need to account to keep users happy. These include Siri shortcuts that integrate with 3rd party apps, as well as iPhone-like gestures for iPad devices. Developers may need to make adjustments to their UI or functionality to ensure that

Whether you just need to simply confirm that your application will continue working correctly for users on iOS 12, or if you want to take advantage of these new features to give your app some exciting new functionality, an iOS 12-ready QA strategy is essential. A solid suite of smoke tests and a thorough regression testing process can help teams identify any issues early on.

Introducing Rainforest Virtual Machines for iOS 12

Today we’re adding VM emulators for iOS 12 to the array of mobile testing environments available on the Rainforest platform. These VMs mirror the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS version, making it fast and easy to test your application’s functionality.

“The instant iOS 12 support has helped us noticeably cut down on time and resources. New, manual testing methods that would have taken weeks without the proper OS in place have been reduced to just days, so we can spend more time servicing our customers in new ways.”

- Svitlana Chumak, Senior QA Engineer at Lavu

With these new VMs, development and QA teams will be able to stay ahead of Apple’s latest updates, ensuring that their application keeps running smoothly. And since these latest VMs are integrated into Rainforest’s on-demand platform, there’s no need for your team to maintain mobile emulators or devices yourself.

How to Start Testing iOS 12 with Rainforest VMs

For current Rainforest users, iOS 12 VMs are now available to start using. Contact your customer success manager to learn how to enable iOS 12 VMs for your tests on the Rainforest platform.

If you’re not already using Rainforest to optimize and speed up your mobile testing workflow, learn more about our on-demand mobile QA solutions here.


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