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How Product Teams Use Rainforest for Test-Driven Development

With short time frames and a lot of tasks on their plates, product managers care a lot about quality, but don’t have time to run through tests extensively before every launch. Fortunately, Rainforest provides a way for product teams to think about quality more strategically without sinking precious time into testing. In this post, we’ll explore how PMs and product teams can test more effectively with Rainforest.

How Product Managers Think about Quality Assurance

To understand how product managers can get the most out of Rainforest, we should think about what a PM’s quality goals are. The PM’s role is to ensure that features meet the requirements for which they were designed, and to ship a high-quality product. So while QA testing plays a big part in helping them achieve this goal, executing and managing tests isn’t their primary concern.

“Our goal is to have 24-hour turnaround from sandbox to production. Using Rainforest, we get all of our test results at the same time, so we save a lot of time over someone setting up testing environments and running through test cases internally. The retesting is really simple — if a couple tests fail and need to be rerun, we get feedback very quickly.”- Lisa Anderson, Director of Product for Qualpay
In organizations where there’s an in-house QA team, PMs often collaborate closely with QA, discussing requirements and features with QA to be aware of difficulties in advance that might emerge with new code/adjustments to legacy applications. They need to make these adjustments quickly and easily to make sure this collaboration stays streamlined.

Ultimately, product managers need fast, clear test results without a lot of hands-on QA testing or test case management.

Using Test-Driven Development with Rainforest QA

To find a balance between assuring quality and protecting their time for other activities, many PMs benefit from a test-driven development strategy. Test-driven development helps improve communication between developers and PMs, and (ideally) minimizes the amount of test case management that needs to be done in the long term.

Rainforest provides an excellent platform for PMs to draft and edit tests early in the development cycle. A great example of this use case is Jitjatjo, who uses Rainforest to guide their engineering team’s development of new features. “Each JIRA ticket, when it goes into a sprint, must have a Rainforest test associated with it. The developers use the test criteria to help understand what we need from the feature,” says Dominic Esposito, Head of Product.

An Ideal Rainforest Workflow for PMs

So what does the QA workflow look like for product managers who use Rainforest? Based on this test-driven development strategy, this is how Rainforest CSMs recommend that PMs build out their workflow for using Rainforest:

rainforest for product teams test-driven development

Unlike test automation, writing Rainforest tests doesn’t require technical expertise, so PMs can use it regardless of their technical background. Tests can be run as many times as needed without any hands-on execution, streamlining the QA process. As a result, Rainforest gives the product team more control over the quality of the features they design, and ensures that quality is considered from the very beginning of development. “Rainforest allows us to create a test that we can run over and over. Any time we want to test that flow, we gain the efficiencies back,” adds Dominic.

Exploratory Testing in Rainforest: A PM’s Best Friend

An additional way for PMs users to gain quality insight quickly is to use Rainforest Exploratory for bug hunting. Exploratory testing is ideal for PMs, allowing them to spend more time on user acceptance and UX testing rather than hunting for bugs. Rainforest Exploratory gives users with four extra pairs of eyes for a fresh perspective on new features without taking time away from PMs.

Learn More about How Product Teams Use Rainforest

Many of Rainforests users are product teams. For even more insight into how PMs can get the most value out of Rainforest, we invite you to check out a few of their stories, like Director of Product Lisa Anderson at Qualpay, whose team was able to offset hiring a QA by using Rainforest early on. Read our interview with Lisa Anderson to learn how her team uses Rainforest QA.

What is rainforest?

Rainforest is a unified platform for software testing. Quickly build no code QA tests that can be run with automated or crowd execution. Works across browsers, platforms, and mobile.