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Increase Online Sales with Better Credit Card Testing

It’s no surprise that having the checkout flow is critical for every ecommerce app; if users can buy something on your website, a smooth, user-friendly process for making a purchase is critical. But ensuring the uptime and usability of your checkout can be a complex endeavor, and even a simple checkout has many moving parts to account for, including processing credit card payments.

Credit Card Payments are Essential to Ecommerce Success

74% of North American consumers prefer using credit cards for online purchases. As ecommerce companies scale up, it’s essential for them to have a reliable means of processing credit card transactions. Unfortunately, while credit cards are a boon for digital transactions, they’re also a common point of failure for ecommerce websites. 20% of consumers say they have abandoned a shopping cart because of a website error or crash.

Credit Card Testing Is Critical, But Slow

Given the importance of credit cards to the success of online businesses, having a reliable testing process for ensuring that your checkout flow works correctly is critical. But credit card testing can be a slow, labor-intensive process that eats into your QA or development team’s time. For many teams, credit card testing ultimately comes down to manually inputting real credit card information to test in production. Using real credit cards for testing transactions also requires an additional layer of management to ensure that cards aren’t lost or misused.

Most credit card payments processing apps offer a sandbox mode for testing. The dummy credentials used during this stage can be useful for early stages of testing, and can be used as part of automated tests as needed. However, because they only test the credit card submission and not the entire transaction process, they don’t provide the assurance that the entire credit card payment process is customer-ready.

Faster Credit Card Testing Helps Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Reducing testing time and effort helps you get new features to market faster (and more confidently), and increases your team’s time for developing improvements. More importantly, fast, automated credit card testing lets you run regular, quick smoke tests and get fast feedback on the status of your checkout flow. This helps you identify issues quickly and reduce downtime (saving those abandoned shopping carts!).

"As an ecommerce platform provider, testing our checkout system with live transactions is essential. Prior to the virtual credit card feature we were left to test this aspect of our system manually. With virtual credit card testing  Rainforest QA exceeded our expectations once again!"
- Taylor Martin, Software Analyst for Volusion

Rainforest’s virtual credit card testing feature allows ecommerce developer teams to spend less time and effort on testing their payments flow. Rainforest QA generates virtual credit cards linked to real, dedicated accounts from which the credit balance is drawn, replicating the real credit card user’s experience. This allows users to test their entire transaction flow, from point of sale to payment completion, quickly and securely

Rainforest Virtual Credit Cards for Payment Testing

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