Growing the Rainforest Team: How 94% of Our Offers Turn into Hires

We had a big reason to celebrate this past quarter -- our offer-to-hire conversion rate was 94%! For companies our size, the average offer-to-hire rate is 71%. How do we have such a high conversion rate?  I believe there are are number of factors that help us grow the Rainforest team and ensure that candidates who received offers from Rainforest are excited to build their careers with us!

A High-Touch Interview Process

To begin with, we have a very-well organized and high-touch interview process. We respond to candidates in a timely way, keep them updated on where they are in the process, and send along details about what to expect during an interview to create a sense of confidence as they move through the process.

“Thank you so much for arranging everything so flawlessly. Hands-down this has been the best interview experience I’ve had in my career - the fast turnaround and the incredibly personable process. I’m excited to see what comes next.”
- CSM Candidate, 2017

Well-Prepared Interviewers

We prepare our interviewers well. We provide context about the role and detailed candidate information ahead of each conversation. During the Intake Meeting for each role, which we schedule with Hiring Managers ahead of opening a new position, we spend a good deal of time working together to create meaningful questions that align to core competencies we’ve identified for the role. This helps ensure interviewers are not repeating questions or presenting a disorganized process to candidates. A well-organized process demonstrates a well-run company to a candidate.

The most important factor is that we have employees who truly love where they work and who are well-aligned with our company values. Candidates can sense that members of the Rainforest team enjoy and are passionate about the work that they do and the people they work with. This comes across in how they speak with candidates, in how welcoming they are, and how they express our values.

Treating Every Candidate with Respect

Finally and most importantly for the candidate, we match every candidate to the opportunity and set them up for success in the best way possible. At every stage of the interview process, we ensure we have done all we can to be selective and supportive.  After taking into account experience, values alignment and candidate enthusiasm, we make our decision with the confidence that both the company and candidate are aiming for their top choice.

Candidates who get to an onsite stage appreciate how thorough we are and respect the effort we’ve gone to to help identify the right person for the role. The effort we show in the recruiting process is an early indicator to a candidate of who we are as company and what they can expect from the people and teams they work with. We’re looking to hire the best and the best want to work for companies they feel are at the top of their game.

Join the Rainforest Team

Want to the Rainforest team? We’re currently hiring both in our San Francisco headquarters and for remote roles. Learn more about open positions (and what life is like at Rainforest QA) on our careers page.

Thank you to a mentor of mine, Sierra Sleeman, for encouraging the sharing of these metrics.

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